New Graduates Speak Out

Zachary Miller, Carey School of Law, JD

Zachary-MillerTwenty years from now, what will you remember about your years at UMB?

“Long hours and the sacrifice to get to the ultimate goal. You hear about how terrifying law school is, but it really wasn’t here. The professors, staff, and students were really nice and engaging. They want you to do well and get to the next level.”   

UMB’s mission is to improve the human condition and serve the public good. How do you plan to do that as a new graduate?

“Well, I’ll be clerking in the Baltimore City Circuit Court. So I’ll be working with judges who are impacting Baltimore on a daily basis whether criminal or civil cases. I think that’s the goal of a judge — to make people’s lives better and promote fairness and justice and to prevent injustice.”    

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