New Graduates Speak Out

Benjamin Verovsky, School of Medicine, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Benjamin-VerovskyUMB’s mission is to improve the human condition and serve the public good. How do you plan to do that as a new graduate?

“As a graduating physical therapist it’s our job to serve the public, to maximize human functioning and get people back to work and alleviate pain. I hope to serve every single patient with superior excellence and provide the quality of care I would expect from a physical therapist.”  

Twenty years from now, what will you remember about your years at UMB?

“Definitely a lot of my classmates and how we did it as a collaborative effort and the friendships I’ve made. Trying to still keep together as a tight-knit group and the impact we’ve had in our communities both locally and abroad.”  

Did you also do some community work?

“Along with my roommate and fellow classmate Etai, we did wheelchair rugby, which was awesome. We also participated in the Special Olympics, which was held at Towson University a year and a half ago. It was definitely a very rewarding experience working with those young athletes.”   

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