Building Manual

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The Southern Management Corporation Campus Center (SMC Campus Center) opened in August 2009. The facility provides UM with dynamic and vibrant spaces for cultural, social, educational and recreational programs/services that are integral parts of the University's mission.  
The SMC Campus Center houses a variety of flexible, attractive meeting and event spaces. There are two ballrooms on the second floor which, when combined, provide over 4,000+ sq ft of space.  Adjacent to the ballroom(s) is a 1,200+ sq ft pre-function lounge. There are also a variety of distinctive conference rooms including two with splendid views of the School of Nursing’s courtyard and one that overlooks Davidge Hall.  

The entire campus community can stay in shape and find recreation with programs and activities offered through University Recreation and Fitness (URecFit). The URecFit facility includes a 25-yard recreational swimming pool, a 7,000-square-foot fitness center, a spinning studio, several multipurpose rooms, two basketball courts, two racquetball/squash courts, an elevated running track, space for power lifting and state-of-the-art cardiovascular and weight equipment with audiovisual enhancements.  Students are automatically given memberships; faculty and staff can purchase membership - more information about URecFit membership can be found here. 
The Wellness Hub exists to affirm the role of wellness in advancing students' growth and development to ensure that they flourish academically, professionally, and personally.   The Wellness Hub’s mission is to assist students in achieving a state of academic-life balance within the dimensions of physical, emotional, social, cultural, ethical, intellectual, environmental, and financial wellness.  This aim is accomplished by collaborating effectively, creating easily accessible relevant services and programs for students, evaluating astutely, and tailoring our programs and services to meet the unique needs of graduate and professional students.   In short, wellness and academic-life balance creates capacity; students that have positive health status along the eight wellness prongs and achieve academic life balance may fully engage in all the meaningful experiences of a flourishing professional.  Click here for more information on the services and programs the Wellness Hub has to offer. 


Click here for a complete listing of the Campus Life Directory.

Operating Policies

 The SMC Campus Center is a managed facility. Specific policies have been developed to assist the management team with the daily operations of the facility. These policies are not
all-inclusive and do not limit the management team from making decisions or establishing
additional policies based upon unique needs and/or circumstances. All policies were created
with the intent to provide for the long-term care and maintenance of the facility, as well as
provide fair access to event spaces and other resources. No policy in this manual will have more
authority than University policy.

 Failure to comply with any policy or guideline outlined in this manual and/or any verbal or written requests from SMC Campus Center management team may result in action by the staff to deny privileges, refer to proper authorities, and/or assess appropriate charges.  Requests for exceptions to any of the Campus Center policies should be referred to one of the following: Associate Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs; Director of Facilities and Food Service; or Director of Events. 


 Alcohol is permitted at events catered by CulinArt and at student functions where the appropriate approval has been obtained.  The student alcohol permit packet can be obtained at:  Student organizations who have received permission to serve alcohol must arrange to obtain the alcohol through CulinArt and pay to have a CulinArt bartender staff the event and serve the alcohol. A Campus Police Officer must be present for the duration of a student organization event. 

 Individuals that are intoxicated will be asked to leave the facility and risk arrest. Students who are disruptive may be referred to their school/program for disciplinary action.  All UM community members should be aware of the UMB Substance Abuse Policy. 

 The presence of unapproved alcohol at an event will result in the immediate closing down of the event and possible further action against the event’s sponsors. There will be no exceptions or warnings given.


 Only service animals that are properly identified as such by a collar, bandana or harness are permitted in the building. No other animals or personal pets are permitted in the building at any time.

Amplified Sound

Approval will be granted for use of amplification equipment at events if there is a high probability that the planned event will not disrupt or disturb other SMC Campus Center activities.  In-house sound systems are to be used in an appropriate manner to ensure other activities in the building are not disturbed.  Additional amplification may not be used without approval.  Approval will be conditioned on the potential for disruption of other activities.  If noise complaints are received, the event sponsors will be asked to lower the sound level.  Failure to do so may result in the event being terminated.

Atrium and Lounge Use

 The First Floor Atrium, Green Room, Fireplace Lounge, Siesta Lounge, Third Floor Lounge, Relaxation Room and Dining Areas were not designed as programming space and may not be reserved by groups or individuals.


The SMC Campus Center requires appropriate attire to be worn within the building.  Personal appearance and hygiene play an important role in the professional community and setting.  Clothing such as shoes, shirts, shorts or pants are required for all patrons of the SMC Campus Center. These rules are set in place to create a comfortable and appropriate setting for all who enter the building.

Bicycles and Scooters

 A bicycle rack is provided on the west side of the building adjacent to the School of Nursing courtyard. Bicycles and/or scooters may not be chained to any other outside railings, furniture or displays. Bikes may not be left in any public or private area. Their usage and/or storage is not permitted inside the building.

Building Hours

Monday – Thursday    6:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Friday      6:00 a.m. –   9:30 p.m.
Saturday     8:00 a.m. –   5:00 p.m.
Sunday   11:00 a.m. –   8:00 p.m.

Building hours are subject to change and may shorten during breaks in the Academic Calendar such as holidays, semester breaks and/or spring break.

For purposes of scheduling events, the available “event hours” are:
Monday – Thursday    8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Friday     8:00 a.m. –   7:30 p.m.
Saturday     9:00 a.m. –   4:30 p.m.
Sunday   11:00 a.m. –   7:30 p.m.

Events will not be scheduled to begin before or to run longer than the hours listed above. Please be mindful to ensure that the time you need for set-up, registration, clean-up, etc. occurs during the event hours.

Building Use

The SMC Campus Center supports the mission of UM by providing space for programs and events.  Public spaces are open to all UM students, faculty, staff and invited guests of the University. Reservations for events are filled on a first come, first served, space available basis. The SMC Campus Center is not an academic building and classes (including exams) will not be scheduled in the space.

Failure to comply with any policy established by the SMC Campus Center Management team or requests by SMC Campus Center staff may result in denial of use privileges and/or assessment of appropriate charges.

Catering Services

CulinArt has the exclusive right to cater events held at the SMC Campus Center. They provide a full range of food and beverages from coffee service to fine dining.  You can arrange for simple pickup food service in which you do most of the work or you can arrange for CulinArt to staff your event and provide services from start to finish, both within the SMC Campus Center and across campus.  You must have a room approval before making arrangements for food or beverages within the SMC Campus Center. 

Catertrax is a new website set up for quick catered orders within the SMC Campus Center and campus wide buildings. For meetings and events at the SMC Campus Center, CulinArt Catering provides an extensive selection of breakfast, luncheon, refreshment, snack and buffet options to meet the needs and budget of your group. To learn more about catering options please contact Lindsay Winn at (410) 706-0484 or

University Recognized Student organizations may provide their own food for a meeting or an event only if the food is provided as “take-out” food, meaning the food is fully prepared and ready to serve.  The use of hot plates, burners, candles, or sternos is prohibited.  Proper food handling must be observed.   Student organizations providing their own food must contact Event Services ( to ensure all related details are addressed. 

Collection Boxes

 UM departments and student organizations wishing to collect item such as clothing and books for donation to a charitable organization must receive approval from the Director of Events.  The notice of approval will control the placement of the collection boxes, their duration in the building and the frequency with which they are to be emptied. Collection boxes must be marked with the items to be collected, the name of the charity and the name of the sponsoring UM organization. 

Damage, Theft & Vandalism

 Individuals responsible for any acts of damage or/or vandalism to the facility or any unauthorized removal of items (including furniture and equipment) from the SMC Campus Center will be referred to appropriate authorities and will be held financially accountable for their actions. Organizations sponsoring events will be held responsible for the actions of their guests.  The SMC Campus Center assumes no responsibility for items in event rooms or other spaces.

Decorating for Events

 Decorations may not obstruct doors, hallways, staircases or fire exits. The use of adhesive material such as duct tape, tacks, nails, paint, etc. is prohibited. Rooms must be returned to their original condition after the event.  Charges may be assessed for any space left in an unsuitable condition.

Digital Display

The digital displays are showcased throughout the building’s televisions. Flyers, advertisements, and announcements regarding campus wide activities are presented through two slide shows on one television.  To submit a slide click here.

Event Operating Hours

All programs/events will be scheduled to end prior to the building’s closing time to enable all individuals to leave the building at or before the scheduled closing time and while security is present. Event operating hours are subject to change without notice.

Fire Safety

 If the fire alarm sounds, all persons, except emergency personnel, must evacuate the building by the nearest stairwell or exit. Elevators should not be used. Once the building has been vacated, permission must be obtained to re-enter the building from a UM Emergency Warden or a SMC Campus Center building official.

Flammable Materials

 Flammable materials may not be used anywhere in the SMC Campus Center.

Gambling and Games of Chance

Gambling for money/prizes and games of chance (including card games and 50/50 raffles) are prohibited in the SMC Campus Center. 


All visitors to the SMC Campus Center are required to either show their UM One Card or provide appropriate identification to the security personnel.

Inclement Weather

It is the policy of the University of Maryland, The Founding Campus to conduct business as usual on every scheduled day. Due to inclement weather, however, the Office of the President may decide it is necessary to close the campus. If so, that decision usually is made by 6:00 a.m. and can be accessed by calling 410-706-UMAB (8622).
The SMC Campus Center has authority to make separate decisions regarding building hours. When making an independent decision, we try to make the decision and provide notice to staff and cliental no later than:
• 5:00 a.m. for a late opening or closing Monday – Friday 
• 3:00 p.m. for an early closing Monday – Friday
• 6:00 a.m. for late opening or closing Saturday & Sunday

Call 410-706-UMAB (8622) for the latest, most reliable, information on campus closings.  You may also check Campus Alerts online at  When the SMC Campus Center is open, individual staff may have to make their own decisions regarding the safety of traveling to and from campus.

Loading Dock

The loading dock is intended for use only by companies delivering or picking up items for SMC Campus Center building tenants. All deliveries must be scheduled in advance or they risk being denied access to the loading dock. To make arrangements in advance, contact  There is no permitted parking, standing, or waiting privileges areas for private vehicles.  Violators will be ticketed by Campus Police.

Lost and Found

 Items that are found in the SMC Campus Center should be turned in to the Information Desk on the first floor. The SMC Campus Center will not be held responsible for any materials, equipment or personal items left in the building. If you believe your property has been stolen, you should contact the UM Police immediately by calling (410) 706 – 6882. 


Minors (individuals under the age of 18) unaccompanied by a supervising adult are not permitted to use the SMC Campus Center unless they are currently enrolled at a USM institution or are actively attending a specific event held in the SMC Campus Center.

Movies and Films

Persons wishing to show movies or films in the SMC Campus Center are charged with determining whether a license must first be obtained.


The two most accessible UM garages to the SMC Campus Center are the Penn garage and Pratt garage.  The Pratt garage is connected to the SMC Campus Center. However, unless special access has been arranged, parkers in the Pratt Garage must still enter through the Lombard Street entrance. The Penn garage is located a block from the front entrance of the SMC Campus Center.

Organizations and/or departments hosting special events in the SMC Campus Center may inquire of Parking and Transportation Services about special parking arrangements.

Pratt Garage: Special Access Options

  1. On weekdays (Monday- Friday) during the academic year, Pratt Garage parkers may enter and exit the SMC Campus Center on the 2nd floor through the vestibule located on the 3rd floor of the Pratt Garage between the hours of        4:00 p.m. and 30 minutes prior to the closing of the building.
  2. Organizations or departments hosting special events may inquire of the Director of Events about the availability of vestibule access in conjunction with a special event.  If approved, there will likely be an extra charge due to the need to have a security officer present at the vestibule during its use.
  3. Members of URecFit may take advantage of special parking arrangements offered at limited times of the day. See URecFit's website for details.

Posting of Publicity Materials

No flyers, posters or banners may be placed, taped or hung on walls, windows, doors, tables or other areas. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Event Services.  Appropriate materials may be exhibited on the televisions’ digital displays throughout the building.  Please see above “Digital Display” for more details.

Quiet Lounges

There are two designated quiet lounges in the SMC Campus Center.  The Siesta Lounge on the Lower Level and the Relaxation Room on the 3rd floor. Individuals in these spaces who are disruptive to others will be asked to leave.

Relaxation Room

 The Relaxation Room is located on the 3rd floor – Room 307.  The room is open during regular business hours. The room features six comfortable chairs, three wicker lounge chairs that overlook the SON lawn, two full body massage chairs and a “pod” chair with an iPod port.  Students who use the room are expected to keep the room silent and to refrain from eating or drinking. 

Room Reservations

Who May Reserve a Room?

University of Maryland, Baltimore students, faculty, staff and affiliates of UM and external organizations may reserve rooms in the SMC Campus Center.  

How to Request a Room

All room requests for the SMC Campus Center must be submitted through the online request form: Please allow at least 2 business days for a response.  Please check the room availability grid prior to submitting a request.
Please keep in mind that while a room appears to be open when a booking request is submitted it does not guarantee that the room is available. A request submitted prior to yours could be pending approval. 

Set-up Options

Room information (including optional layouts and capacities) can be found on our website.

Cleaning & Resetting

The SMC Campus Center management team will charge a minimum of $50 for extra cleaning needed in any area to return it to an adequate condition for use by others. This includes failure to clean up any trash and/or food at the end of your event, leaving food and beverage residue on the floor, and/or leaving the room in a different configuration that is was found.

Room Charges

In most cases, there will be no charge for use of a room when an event is a University program, organized by and for the members (students, faculty and/or staff) of UM conducting University business during approved event hours.  For all other events, room fees apply. A price quote can be obtained by contacting Event Services at

While normal use of the SMC Campus Center event space is free to student organizations recognized by the University, charges may be assessed for special arrangements or assistance including security and/or setup beyond the event support staff’s normal hours, extra equipment rental, technical assistance and overtime.  Possible Room Charges should be discussed with the Event Services Staff.


Depending on the type of event and the number of people expected to attend, additional security may be required. The need for security will be determined by the Director of Events in conjunction with UM Police. Sponsoring organizations will be responsible for the cost of additional security.

Scooters, Skateboard & Skates

The use of scooters, skateboards, in-line skates, roller blades and shoe skates are prohibited inside the SMC Campus Center.

Smoking Policy

 No smoking is permitted inside the SMC Campus Center or on University property outside of the SMC Campus Center within 30 feet of its entrance or any overhang, inlet for an air intake system, or window that opens and closes.

Storage Space

There is no storage space available in the building.


 The University of Maryland (UM) prohibits the carrying of guns, firearms or ammunition at the UM campus and in any other locations owned, rented, occupied or used by and under the control of UM. This prohibition applies to employees, students, invitees, tenants, visitors and other persons on UM properties. Employees and students also are prohibited from carrying guns, firearms or ammunition at any off-campus location where they are assigned as part of employment or educational experience. Exception: UM Police Officers and other law enforcement officers whose official duties require them to be at the UM campus or at other locations owned, rented, occupied or used by and under the control of UM may carry guns, firearms and ammunition consistent with this law enforcement responsibilities and in compliance with the rules and regulation of their employing agencies.


Unapproved items may not be affixed to the windows or glass doors in the SMC Campus Center. This includes paint, posters, flyers and other items. Unapproved items will be removed immediately. If you are wary about an item, please consult with the SMC Campus Center management staff.