The Wellness Hub

The Wellness Hub exists to affirm the role of wellness in advancing students' growth and development to ensure that they flourish academically, professionally, and personally.   Our mission is to assist students in achieving a state of academic-life balance within the dimensions of physical, emotional, social, cultural, ethical, intellectual, environmental, and financial wellness.  This aim is accomplished by collaborating effectively, creating easily accessible relevant services and programs for students, evaluating astutely, and tailoring our programs and services to meet the unique needs of graduate and professional students.   In short, wellness and academic-life balance creates capacity; students that have positive health status along the eight wellness prongs and achieve academic life balance may fully engage in all the meaningful experiences of a flourishing professional. 


The Wellness Hub offers the following Services and Programs: 

Coaching – Our coaches partner with students to help them achieve their most optimal state of wellness and academic-life balance.

Wellness Assessment – Self-evaluation is a key part of an upward cycle of wellness and academic-life balance.  It builds self-awareness, self-confidence, and the ability to achieve goals.  The Wellness Assessment is available on our website.

Lactation Center – The Wellness Hub supports a mother’s choice to breastfeed her baby while pursuing her graduate and/or professional degree.  The Lactation Center is located in room 339 of the SMC Campus Center and is available on a first-come, first-served basis from  8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.  A hospital-grade pump is available in the center. 

Relaxation Room – Located in room 307 of the SMC Campus Center, the Relaxation Room features six comfortable chairs including two full-body massage chairs in a zen-like environment overlooking the School of Nursing lawn.

On-Demand Programming – Faculty, staff and students may request special programs and the Wellness Hub will deliver them at your next class, seminar or conference.  

The Hungry Mind – An initiative focused on food, food sustainability, food politics, nutrition, and the environments that support food production.  The initiative features approximately 20 annual opportunities for attendees to engage with experts and participate in interesting, informative, and entertaining lectures and activities. 

In Sync – In sync is a series of programs designed to enrich student’s graduate training.  These programs engage students in activities that help them achieve academic-life balance and advance their interests as professionals. 

Adventure Pursuits – Getting outdoors and enjoying the natural environment is a great way to manage stress, meet new people from other schools at the University, and to have fun.  There are approximately 25 amazing outdoor programs and trips planned each academic year.

Financial Wellness and Life Planning – Managing your money as a graduate or professional student can be challenging.  This initiative is a series of programs designed to help students manage their money effectively and make wise financial life decisions during their studies.

Wellness Grand Rounds – The Wellness Grand Rounds are expert lectures featuring our own University of Maryland faculty.  The lectures are held monthly during the academic year at the SMC Campus Center.