Student Consumer Information

Student Financial Assistance and Education

Student Financial Assistance and Education Office Staff

General Institutional Information

Health and Safety

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention
  • UMB Immunization Policy
  • 2012 Annual Clery Report - Includes:
    Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures
    Timely Warnings
    Crime Log
    Missing Person Notification
    Fire Statistics
  • UMB Policy on Fire Safety
  • Retention Rate - UMB does not maintain retention rate statistics because the University does not accept first-time undergraduate students
  • Completion/Graduation and Transfer-out Rates (Including Disaggregated Completion/Graduation Rates)
  • Placement in Employment
  • Job Placement Rates
    School of Law
  • Types of Graduate and Professional Education in Which UMB Graduates Enroll

Intercollegiate Athletic Program
UMB does not have a an intercollegiate athletic program

Voter Registration

Disclosure Requirements Relating to Educational Loans