Research Misconduct

An important component of the Research Integrity program at UMB is the handling of allegations of Research Misconduct (also known as Scientific Misconduct).  The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs oversees investigation of such allegations.

The UMB Policy and Procedures Concerning Misconduct in Scholarly Work, which fulfills the requirements of the University System of Maryland (USM) Policy on Misconduct in Scholarly Work, specifies what misconduct is and how allegations of misconduct are handled by the University.  As its title suggests, this policy is limited to misconduct in scholarly work, especially research. The policy is also intended to satisfy the requirements of major sponsors of UMB research, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH requirements are found in the federal regulation Responsibility of PHS Awardees and Applicant Institutions for Dealing with and Reporting Possible Misconduct in Science #42CFR50A

Questions concerning the policy and its application may be directed to Dr. Roger J. Ward, Chief Accountability Officer.  Dr. Ward may be reached at 410-706-1850 and by e-mail.  

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Research Misconduct Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

University Policies and Procedures

USM Policy on Misconduct in Scholarly Work
UMB Policy and Procedures Concerning Misconduct in Scholarly Work

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