ERM Steering Committee

Roger J. Ward, Chair
Chief Accountability Officer
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Vice Dean of the Graduate School

Jennie Bloom, MSW
Associate Dean for Administration
School of social Work

Kathy Byington, M.B.A.
Vice President for Administration and Finance

Jerry Carr, J.D.
Associate Dean for Business Development and Senior Advisor to the Dean and UPI        
School of Medicine

Wendy Cohan, M.P.A.
Comptroller/Program Administrator
School of Pharmacy

Meryl Eddy, J.D.
University Counsel

Daniel Goldberg, J.D.
School of Law    

Michelle Harner, J.D.
Associate Professor and
Co-Director, Business Law Program
School of Law

John Jensen, M.B.A.
Director of Business Administration and Support Services                
Office of Facilities Management

Brian Browne, MD
Professor and Chair, Emergency Medicine
School of Medicine

Ann Mech, J.D.
Legal/Governmental Affairs
School of Nursing

Alexandra "Xani" Podolny, J.D.
Center for Health and Homeland Security
School of Law    

Milland Reed, M.S.                
Department of Public Safety

Mark Reynolds, D.D.S./Ph.D.
Department of Periodontics
Dental School

Michael Rollor, M.B.A.
Assistant Vice President        
Center for Clinical Trials and Corporate Contracts
Office of Research and Development

Andrew York, Student
School of Law