Academy of Lifelong Learning Literacy Tutoring Program

The UMB Academy of Lifelong Learning’s Literacy Tutoring Program identifies and enrolls students from grades K-3 from schools in West Baltimore. We enrolled 25 in a highly structured, in-person tutoring program delivered in the UMB Community Engagement Center three times per week for 10 weeks. To maximize attendance, the Literacy Tutoring Program provides transportation to the participating students from two schools. Two of the program’s initial tutors are UMB students.

The Academy is very pleased to report that the vast majority of participating students made significant progress in their literacy skills during the program.

Our goal is to grow this program to serve more students in more grade levels at our Community Engagement Center and in their schools. A donation to our Literacy Tutoring Program will enable us to improve the literacy skills of more students in Baltimore.

For more information, contact Nick Kouwenhoven at nkouwenhoven​@​