Payroll Forms

Form No.Form NameLatest Revision Date
PRF-01 Advance Check Request 12/03
  Affidavit of Relocation for Employment 08/18 
PRF-10 Allowance Advance Recovery Form 08/09
PRF-03 Check Cancellation Request 11/13
PRF-04 Check Stop Payment Request 09/05
  CII Employee Leave Form  
  Compensation Overpayment  
  Direct Deposit Form/Fact Sheet 09/17
  Direct Retro Request Forms  
PRF-08 EFP Memo of Commitment/Process 10/19
  EFP Worksheet 10/19
PRF-11 FICA Refund Request Form/Instructions 11/16
W-4 Forms

Employee’s Withholding Certificate (Federal & State)

  eUMB User Authorization Form 11/18
8233 Exemption From Withholding on Compensation for Independent (and Certain Dependent) Personal Services of a Nonresident Alien Individual / Instructions 03/09
  Foreign National Data Form  
  Honorarium Letter Sample  
  HR eUMB Forms  
I-9 I-9 Employment Eligibility VerificationHandbookInstructions 11/16
  Independent Contractor Determination Form  
  Journal Entry 10/19
  Merit One-Time Payment - FY17 06/16
  Moving and Relocation Payment Agreement 08/18 
  Non US Citizens - Required Forms and Documents  
PRF-02 Payroll Adjustment FormInstructions 10/19
PRF-09 Payroll Adjustment Form - Prior Pay Period 10/13
  Payroll Transaction Authority Form 11/06
  Permanent Resident Certificate  
  SSN Affidavit of Compliance 02/13
  Timesheet - Exempt/Faculty  
  Timesheet - Hourly  
  Timesheet - Non-Exempt  
  W2 - What You Need To Know  
W-8 BEN W-8 Ben / Instructions 02/14
W-9 W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification / Instructions 12/14