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We are offering titles of reference texts and writing-related guides, the prices for which frequently compete with income devoted to necessities like housing, clothing, and food. The situation is made even more serious by effects from the ongoing pandemic, climate catastrophes, global inflation, and UMB tuition and fees. In the United States, prices for necessary texts for your education should not compound expenses for basic living in such difficult times. While our budget constrains how many of these texts we can purchase and offer, we want to do our best to support students navigating these challenges. 

Please fill out this form for a chance to be selected to receive a text without cost to you. To make this request, we ask only that you complete this form and attend—virtually or in person—our book fair on September 15. (If you see a book or resource in our virtual library that isn't listed below, that's because it's available freely online via the link in the virtual library!)


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