Prescription Drug Prevention Training

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The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) is committed to educating the UMB community about opioid use, misuse, and abuse. At UMB, we believe in the importance of creating safe and healthy environments.

All first-time full-time students are required to complete an online Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention module provided by UMB in collaboration with EverFi by Thursday, October 15, 2020. All other students will receive the module as an optional resource. A hold will be placed on the accounts of any first-time full-time students who do not complete the module by October 15, 2020.

The training will focus on:

  • a variety of topics, including the science of addiction, recognizing the signs of abuse, properly using and disposing of prescription drugs, strategies to assist others, and treatment resources.
  • empowering students to make well-informed decisions about drugs.
  • making you aware of your rights and responsibilities as a member of our campus community.

If you have questions regarding the training, please contact Michelle Peralta, Senior Assistant Director of Wellness, by telephone at 410-706-7370 or via email at:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is this mandatory program?

All incoming students are required to receive opioid prevention education through House Bill 1082 Heroin and Opioid Education and Community Action Act of 2017 (Start Talking Maryland Act). As a part of this requirement, all new incoming and first-year students must complete the prescription drug abuse prevention course. The training will also be shared with all other students as an optional resource. This course is offered through EverFi and is designed to help students understand opioid drugs, signs of an overdose, and how to respond. The course also shares stories from people with substance use disorders and their personal experiences struggling with addiction.

How do I prepare for the training?

Make sure you have internet and audio capabilities on your computer. Follow the LINK to EverFi and log in with your UMB ID. Once logged in, students will see the available required Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention course. The course takes roughly 30-45 minutes to complete.

What if I received this education before?

All first- year, full-time students at University of Maryland, Baltimore must take this program regardless if they have completed it at a prior institution.

When do I take the training?

UMB provides annual training in the Fall of each academic year. All first-time full-time students will be asked to complete the module during the Fall semester. If you are newly enrolled during the Spring or Summer of the academic year, you must complete prior to the start of Spring registration the following year. Students will receive a notification each year that the training window has opened and when the deadline will be.

For the Fall 2020 semester, the program will be made available on August 15, 2020 and students will have until October 15, 2020 to complete the program.

What if I do not complete the program by the required date?

Students who do not complete the Prescription Drug Prevention module by the deadline will have a hold placed on their account and will not be able to register for the following academic semester.

Where can I find more information and resources about substance use?

The Wellness Hub team will be able to answer any specific questions regarding Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention module. Also, you can find more information on substance use and recovery resources by visiting the Health Initiatives website.

University of Maryland, Baltimore Resources:

Technical Information

  • Work at your own pace from any computer or tablet
  • If you need to stop and return later, your progress throughout the course will save
  • Courses are best supported by the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (preferred), or Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+
  • Select “accessibility mode” once you are in the course to locate an accessible version
  • Need more help? Contact EVERFI’s 24/7 tech support using “Help” within the course or by visiting