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The Wellness "On the Go" initiative offers on-site programming suppport to UMB students, faculty, and staff by promoting the practice of self-care and reducing stress, anxiety, and instances of depression. This is a collaborative project with the Wellness Hub, Student Counseling Center, URecFit, and the Office of Educational Support and Disability Services (ESDS).

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Wellness Hub Workshops

Meditation and Mindfulness 101

The science behind mindfulness and mediation have become increasingly popular. Learn why practicing can reduce stress and improve your quality of life. You will have ample time for mindfulness technique, meditation practice, and take-home tools for overall wellness.


  • Understand the difference between mindfulness and meditation
  • Identify the benefits of mindfulness and meditation for clinician well-being
  • Practice each technique to reduce burnout and improve empathy and clincian well-being

Mind-Body Interventions in Graduate School 

Learn how to recognize stressors that are affecting the mind and body, implement mind-body strategies for stress reduction, and understand positive psychology techniques shown to increase optimism. Particpants will identify strategies to help them relax and the role of mind-body interventions for student success and patient care.


  • Identify six mind-body techniques used for relaxation
  • Review the efficacy, safety, and side effects of relaxation techniques
  • Develop a personalized plan for student well-being in graduate school

Wellness Hub Offerings

This course offered faculty and staff the opportunity to learn about the Wellness Hub and its mission to support academic-school balance to UMB students through a variety of health promotional events, programs, and campaigns. Faculty and staff will practice a relaxation technique for improved clinician well-being.

Student-Led Wellness Day

The goal of Wellness Day is to provide students the tools and techniques needed to support their well-being while at UMB. If requested, please have student wellness champion(s) who will take the lead of the project. Programs vary from pet therapy, aromatherapy, healthy eating, alcohol awareness, and more based on the needs of the students.

Wellness Hub Partners' Workshops

De-stress instead of Distress, ESDS, Deborah Levi, LCSW-C, MA

We all experience stress, but when does it become a health problem? Join us for this interactive workshop that identifies six strategies to utilize for school-life balance. Participants will discover resources and tools available during times of stress in school, work and/or personal life.


  • Identify three school-life balance strategies
  • Create a personal wellness "snap shot" using the Wellness Wheel tool
  • Reflect on a current ussue and how to uncover the root concern

Time Management 101: Goal Development and Planning, ESDS, Deborah Levi, LCSW-C, MA

This workshop will focus on taking control of your time by utilizing a planner, while focusing on your personal goals and values. Participants will leave with a personalized roadmap to be efficient and address self-care and wellness behaviors, and resources and tools available during times of stress in school, work and/or personal life.


  • Identify personal goals, values, and non-negotiables
  • Determine actionable health behaviors to include on a regular basis
  • Utilize the UMB academic planner to create a personalized time management plan

Working it out: Building Fitness into Graduate School, URecfit, Jimmy Mszanski, MBA

The importance of exercise is nothing new. Although hours of studying burn mental energy, both your body and mind need physical exercise to function at their peak. Yet, getting to the gym can feel like another task on the to-do list. This session will focus on how to get active in everyday life. We will practice body weight exercises that can be tailored for all fitness levels that help with the office/classroom blues.


  • Understand the importance of exercise through evidence-based literature
  • Practice body weight exercises to accommodate all fitness levels
  • Provide group activity that emphasizes overall health

Sleep Better, Be Better, Student Counseling Center, Jenna Silverman, PhD

Learn about ways to improve your sleep routine to get better sleep. Participants will identify strategies to help them fall and stay asleep as well as what behaviors may be causing sleep problems.


  • Identify cause of poor sleep
  • Review strategies to improve sleep quality and quantity
  • Develop your personalized sleep hygiene plan to reduce sleep difficulties
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