Love Your Body series

Body positive, what is it? What does it mean and how can I be body positive?

Society has always had expectations of the “ideal” body type. However, those standards are often unattainable and harmful to those they are intended to “encourage” or “inspire.” More specifically, it can cause people to body shame individuals into insecurity, poor eating practices (such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia, orthorexia, etc.), and over-exercising. In recent years, many have begun to accept themselves and motivate others to do the same. The entirety of the Body Positive Movement is that everyone is unique and beautiful in every way possible regardless of size and shape. In addition, the movement focuses on people who aren’t considered conventionally beautiful or attractive doing whatever they like no matter what people may say about it. Whether that is wearing clothes that aren’t frequently worn by plus size people like crop tops, fitted dresses, and bikinis or posting themselves on social media being care free and happy within themselves.

Considering this and all the benefits that loving your body image can provide, the Wellness Hub in partnership with different on and off campus organizations are doing a series on Loving Your Body. The idea is to celebrate all body types and provide ways to love your body from the inside out via social media and events from March 22-26, 2021! All of the events will be provided via Zoom and will be full of information and excitement that you don’t want miss.

Events | March 22 - 29, 2021

hands holding a cell phone with social media content

Love Your Body Takeover!

Join the POP! Peer Educators as they takeover UMB's Student Affairs social media for a week to promote body awareness, body positivity, and resources for taking care of body. Posts will be provided throughout the week. 


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Mindful Eating, Part 1

Celebrate your body with us as we explore Mindful Eating, non-diet approach to improving how we feed ourselves and our relationship to food. In this two-part workshop series, you will understand how to make intentional food choices and reduce mindless eating.

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The Effects of Social Media on Body Image and Mental Health

As social media’s presence in society has increased in the last decade or so, so has the exposure to thin and toned body types and particular diets. Learn the myths about body image and strategies to change social media habits to improve body image.

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Mindful Eating, Part 2

Celebrate your body with us as we explore Mindful Eating. It involves increasing our awareness of our physical sensations, environment, and emotions while we are consuming food. In this two-part workshop series, you will have amble time to practice your mindful eating skills. 

Raffle Alert

instant potFor the Love Your Body series, we are raffling off a INSTANT POT 6-QT. You can be entered into the raffle by attending an event for at least 45 minutes. You can earn up to 3 entries for the raffle during the series. Additional entries will be provided during our social media takeover. Follow @UMBStudentAffairs to earn more entries!