Healthy Relationships series

Each year, February focuses on celebrating love in different ways. From being kind to a complete stranger to showing your significant other how much they mean to you. Roses, love notes, chocolates—all of these things combined have in one way or another expressed the sentimental feeling of love. However, maintaining relationships while attending graduate or professional school can be complex and challenging.

Relationships can be a source of support and care, and they can be stressful and demanding. Since the pandemic started, a huge number of relationships are strained by the stress and lockdowns. This is not just referring to relationships you have with your loved ones. Our relationship with one’s self is relationship many of us tend to neglect sometimes. Therefore, the Wellness Hub in partnership with many organizations and other on campus organization are dedicating TWO event packed weeks focusing on “Relationships” in February. Discover what it takes to have a relationship with others, and more importantly, establishing healthy practices and coping strategies within yourself.

Relationship Statistics You Need to Know:

  1. College relationship statistics reveal that around 75% of college students have been in a long-distance relationship.1
  2. Holding hands or cuddling decreases cortisol levels.2
  3. Family relationships in college
    • A positive family relationship is associated with higher personal and emotional adjustment for college students, particularly first-generation college students. First-generation college students are more likely to face stressors from family relationships due to the cultural change of attending college and generational and personal difficulties this may cause.3
  4. Relationship with oneself in college
    • Maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and practicing self-care as a graduate student is associated with increased life satisfaction, decreased psychological distressed, and better self-reported outcomes in school.4


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