2018-2019 Cohort

Wellness Fellows 2018-2019

Japji Bindra, School of Nursing

I applied to be a wellness fellow because I am passionate towards impacting the health and wellness of UMB’s campus community through preventative and hands-on patient care. Specifically, I take interest in the sexual and reproductive health aspect of wellness, as this piece of wellbeing is often overlooked and stigmatized. As a wellness fellow, I hope to implement opportunities and activities that can help students, staff, and faculty make healthy decisions regarding their reproductive health. Some of these opportunities may look like facilitating sexually transmitted infection (STI) screenings, distributing contraceptive resources, holding informative lectures and workshops, and tabling for sexual assault awareness. Apart from these interests, I enjoy taking study breaks to dance and spend time with family and friends. 

Lena Chehab, School of Dentistry

I joined the Wellness Hub team because I studied Nutrition and Exercise in undergrad and wanted to explore that more while in graduate school. My favorite activities include hiking near the Potomac, biking around Baltimore and kayaking. A wellness technique I use is going on a 2 mile walk to and from studying when it’s nice out so I have some time to relax and unwind before diving into school work.

Kathleen Swanson, School of Law

I wanted to be a Wellness Fellow to help tackle all the issues related to one's health that are most salient to students at the graduate/professional level and do so in real, practical ways. I hope to help curate meaningful strategies for folks in our community that are conducive to coping, stress reduction, building resilience, self-care and thriving in whatever way is right for that individual as opposed to achieving a "perfect" (often stress-inducing) sense of balance that may not be entirely attainable as a student in higher education. For self-care while I am in school, I make time to be around my friends and colleagues in situations where the topic of discussion is not school (as hard as that may be) and spend time outdoors, where I find reflection and intention most accessible. 

Alex Walker, School of Social Work

I joined the Wellness Hub because I am passionate about helping people find and live their definition of wellness. Wellness to me means mindfulness of the mind, body and soul. You can always find me meditating, running, or drinking a hot cup of tea. Looking forward to a great year of learning and growing together.