• Your Well-Being Matters to Us!

    At URecFit and Wellness, we aspire to help you thrive personally and academically while you are studying at UMB. Please contact us if you have an idea or suggestion about a wellness initiative or event by emailing abreon@umaryalnd.edu

    Stay tuned for summer and fall events, resources, and services to assist you on your wellness journey. 

  • Random Acts of Kindness Week

    UMB students participated in Random Acts of Kindness Week by writing and mailing letters to Letters for Our Elders in February, 2022.

  • Take a Paws

    We Celebrated Earth Day with the Office of Sustainability. Students received a succulent, map of campus green spaces, and were able to take a "paws."

  • Take a "Paws"

    Students visit with "Poe" the UMB Police Comfort Dog in the SMC Campus Center.

    June, 2022


The UMB Wellness and Academic-Life Balance Program exists to affirm the role of wellness in advancing students' growth and development to ensure that they flourish academically, professionally, and personally.

Ongoing Wellness Programming

Wellness Office Hours-By Appointment

We invite you to attend virtual or in-person office hours to ask questions, offer ideas or suggestions, and to schedule additional appointments.

To schedule a one on one virtual or in-person appointment, email Amanda Breon at  abreon@umaryland.edu.

Request a Wellness Program

URecFit and Wellness offers a variety of health education topics that students, faculty, staff, and departments can choose from to fit your programming needs. Some examples include:

  • Maintaining healthy habits
  • The health benefits of sleep
  • Mental and emotional health topics
  • Stress management
  • Growth mindset
  • How to identify and use your strengths

Complete this program request form to request a specific program and to learn more about our programs. Please allow at least two weeks’ notice for all programming.

Individual Wellness Consultations

We offer appointments for confidential, personalized health and well-being sessions with a wellness staff member. Individual wellness consultations are designed to help you identify and reach your wellness goals, to guide you towards specific health and well-being resources, and to share successful habit formation and health behavior change information. Complete this form to request an individual wellness consultation.

* Health and Well-Being consultations are not intended for clinical health services. If you are seeking mental health or primary care treatment, you can contact the Student Counseling Center or the Student Health Center.  

Healthy Habit Challenges

Have you and your fellow students been thinking about a little healthy competition to establish or re-set a healthy habit? Would you like to eliminate a behavior? URecFit and Wellness can help you design a 28-day healthy habit challenge to help meet your health and well-being goals. If you and your department, cohort, or student group would like to create a health challenge to cultivate a specific healthy behavior, please contact us by completing this healthy habit request form.

Examples of health challenges:

  • Steps/Walking Challenge
  • Meditation Challenge
  • Hydration Challenge
  • Nutrition Challenge
  • Eliminate alcohol/other vices
  • Gratitude Challenge
  • Reading Challenge
  • Outdoor Challenge
  • Sleep Challenge
  • Fitness Challenge
  • Healthy Habit Challenge (Choose any healthy habit and track habits)

On-Demand Education Center

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