Vibe Training and Resources

The UMVibe UPK Portal includes self-paced tutorials on:

  • Accessing UMVibe & Overview
  • Personal Workspace
  • UMVibe Profile
  • How to Create a Team Workspace
  • Uploading & Editing Files
  • Installing the Vibe Add-In for MS Office
  • Using the Vibe Add-In for MS Office

UMVibe Videos:

UMVibe Documentation:

Getting Started
Getting Informed
Going Further
Desk Aid

The following document provides instruction on the basic functions that most users (as either a Team Member or Team Leader) will perform in UMVibe.  It can be printed as a 4-page document on regular 8.5x11 paper or it can be printed as an 11x17 booklet.

Additional Tools
  • Installing & Using the Vibe MS Office Add-In - The Novell Vibe Add-in for MS Office is required software for working with UMVibe.  It enables you to work with MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents on the UMVibe site without leaving Microsoft Office.
  • Installing the Vibe Desktop - Use of the Novell Vibe Desktop is optional. This functionality enables you to work on UMVibe files "off-line," synchronizing any additions or modifications between UMVibe and your computer (Windows or Mac).
  • Using Vibe Desktop

Supporting Documentation:

Novell Vibe User Forums:

The following link provides access to communities of Vibe users and Novell Vibe support people in order to share mutual problems and solutions:     Novell Vibe User Forums

Novell Vibe Videos:

The Novell Vibe Resource Library contains additional material that goes further in-depth into the functions of Vibe and is updated nearly every week.  This includes sampleforms, workflows, workspace, self-help articles and videos. [NOTE: While in UMVibe, you can display a link to these resources by clicking on the down-arrow next to the "gear" icon in the upper-right corner of the Masthead area of the page.] For example, here is a partial list of How-to video topics:

  • Intro - Menu Bar, Personal Profile, How to Mark "Favorites," Vibe's Mobile Interface, etc.
  • Landing Pages - Intro to Landing Pages, Creating a Landing Page, Including/Managing Various Elements and Features
  • Branding of Folders and Workspaces; Adding Images, Links and Backgrounds
  • Document Management - Drag and Drop Upload, File Management, Version Management
  • Task Folder - The Task Folder View, How to Create and Assign Tasks, etc.
  • Calendar Folder
  • Survey Folder
  • Wiki Folder
  • Form Designer
  • Workflow Designer
  • Other