Vibe FAQ

Here you will find the Frequently Asked Questions for General Information, Using Vibe and Security and Accessibility-related information.

Is Vibe HIPAA compliant?

No.  Vibe is NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) 500-33 compliant; however, it does not meet the criteria for HIPAA compliance because it can be accessed via the World Wide Web.

Is it safe to store PII and/or PHI on Vibe?

No. Neither PII (Personally Identifiable Information—information that can be used to identify an individual) nor PHI (Protected Health Information—typically interpreted to include any part of a patient’s medical record) is safe to store in Vibe because Vibe can be accessed via the World Wide Web.  CITS is looking into solutions to this issue.

What is Vibe and its purpose?

Novell Vibe is a web-based collaboration application.  Implemented on our campus as UMVibe, Vibe enables faculty and staff to share documents and work in teams on projects that require group authoring.  Team members are also able to create and access a shared project calendar and conduct private online discussions, either in real time or asynchronously.  The geographic location of individual team members is no longer a limiting factor, and all interactions take place in a secure environment where data is tracked and protected.

Who can access / use UMVibe?

All users of UMVibe need a UMID and password in order to log in.  UM faculty and staff members automatically have accounts on UMVibe. 

NOTE: If you are a faculty or staff member but have never gone through the steps of creating a UMID, you may not know what the system is using as your UMID.  Go to here and click on the appropriate link for instructions.

How do I add someone to my team who is not in UMVibe?

In order to add someone who doesn’t have a UMVibe account, you’ll need to fill out the Non-Directory User Account Request form.  It is located in UMVibe.  To access it (once logged into UMVibe), click on the Browse Hierarchy icon, then click on the arrows to the left of Home Workspace > Global Workspaces > Forms.  Under the Forms option you will find the Non-Directory User Account Request form.  At the following link you will find instructions for using the Non-Directory User Account Request form.

Can I add a student to my UMVibe team?

Students are generally not allowed to use UMVibe unless sponsored by a Team Leader.  The procedure to use the Non-Directory User Account Request form under the Global Workspace section.  At the bottom of the form you may enter a reason that includes "Student Integral to Project" and the student will be added as a UMVibe user.  You should then be able to add the student to the team. 

What browser / other software requirements are there?

Browser:  (The browsers/versions listed here are known to work with UMVibe.)

Windows – Microsoft IE 6.0 or later; Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later
Mac – Safari 3 or later; Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later

 Word, Excel and PowerPoint editing: 

The Novell Vibe Add-in for MS Office is required.  It enables you to work with MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents on the UMVibe site without leaving Microsoft Office.

The  Installing & Using the Vibe MS Office Add-In document explains how to download, install, and use the MS Office Add-In.

Use of the Novell Vibe Desktop is optional.  This functionality enables you to work on UMVibe files "off-line," sychronizing any additions or modifications between UMVibe and your computer (Windows or Mac).  With it, if you delete a Vibe file from your desktop the file continues to exist in UMVibe, and will be restored back to your desktop at the next synchronization.

The Installing the Vibe Desktop document explains how to download and install the Vibe Desktop for PCs, and by extension for Macs as well. The Using Vibe Desktop document gives further instruction on using the Desktop. 

What files are supported in Vibe?

Vibe can handle any file type for storage purposes.  For any normal file type Vibe will also allow viewing as HTML if needed.  (So if you are on a computer that doesn't have the app you need, it's possible/likely that using the HTML view of the file will still let you see the contents of the file.)  When a file is opened from Vibe, it will be opened with its native application for editing and/or viewing.

Can I do work on my Vibe files without logging into Vibe?

Yes.  Both the Novell Vibe Add-in for MS Office and the Novell Vibe Desktop application facilitate working on Vibe files from outside of Vibe (for example, working in a document within MS Word), yet having your work saved in Vibe.  

Are there any online Vibe user forums where I can seek answers to questions?

Yes.  You can access several communities of Vibe users and Novell Vibe support people at Novell Vibe User Forums.

How do I access Vibe?

Open your Browser and navigate to  the UMVIBE Login Page.  Enter your UMID and password, and you will be taken to a Landing Page which will give you options for accessing individuals, folders, training, etc. You can easily switch to any team of which you are a member by using the My Teams menu. 

If you have already used UMvibe and have added a site as a “favorite” you may select that site in your browser.  After supplying your UMID and password you can go directly to that  page.

How do I create a Team Workspace?

On the UMVibe Training & Resources page (click Training & Resources in the Navigation panel on the left) you will find links to training on this topic.

How do I invite people to join my team?

On the UMVibe Training & Resources page (click Training & Resources in the Navigation panel on the left) you will find links to training on this topic.

How do I edit a file?

On the UMVibe Training & Resources page (click Training & Resources in the Navigation panel on the left) you will find links to training on this topic.

How do I upload a file?

On the UMVibe Training & Resources page (click Training & Resources in the Navigation panel on the left) you will find links to training on this topic.

I recently changed my UMID password and now why doesn’t my Office Add-in work in Vibe anymore?

When you installed your Office Add-in your UMID and password were automatically synchronized with the Vibe account that was created in your Office products.  To bring them in synch again follow these instructions. At the end of the top row of menu choices in any Office product is now a “Vibe” menu title.

Vibe Toolbar Screenshot Image

 By selecting it, a new menu will appear below the top row.

Vibe Toolbar Screenshot Image

 Choose “Accounts”.  This opens a dialog box listing your current credentials in Vibe.

Vibe Create Account Screenshot Image

Use this link and the Username will be your UMID.  If you change the password to your new UMID password, it will work with your Office Add-in.  By also checking the box which says “Use system proxy configuration” future password changes will automatically synchronize with the Vibe Add-in.

I'm having trouble editing files. What can I do?

Do others have access to my personal workspace/ personal profile?

YES.  By default, everyone has access to read information in your personal workspace.  Any information that you put in your personal profile is also available to all UMVibe users.  This helps in locating persons with similar interests or skills needed on a team.  It is not recommended to restrict access to either your personal workspace or profile.  If you need to place confidential materials in your workspace, it is recommended to create a new folder for those materials and restrict access at the folder level, not the workspace level. 

In contrast, team workspaces are accessible only to those users who are a member of that team.

Can I delete a comment that I've made in a workspace?

Yes.  In order to do this, navigate to the comment.  Click on the title of the comment (unless you change the title, it is often a number followed by "Re:" and the original title of the file/entry that you were commenting on). Once you've opened the comment itself, towards the top of the screen is a "Delete" button.  Click on it.  You will receive a message confirming that you want to delete it and informing you that if there are any files or replies attached to the comment, they will be deleted too.  This means any "children" of the comment.  The file or entry that the comment is in response to will not be deleted.

Who do I contact for help?

You can contact your Site Administrator or call or email the Help Desk at 6-HELP.

I want to use the Vibe MS Office Add-in but I am not allowed to install software on my office computer; what should I do?

We recognize that some departments only allow desktop support persons to install softward on a university computer.  If that is the case, your desktop support person should follow the steps in the answer above.  If there is any confusion about this, please have the desktop support person call or email the Help Desk at (410)706-HELP.

What will happen if I use Chrome or Firefox?

UMVibe is accessible via Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

Are my files and data safe on UMVibe?

Yes.  UMVibe is protected by standard UM security measures. UMVibe was purchased because faculty members wanted a secure place to put documents when collaborating on them with colleagues. As long as the documents are in the secure environment built for UMVibe, only those authorized to see or edit them will have access.  Files that are synchronized with campus computers will be subject to the security measures for those computers. Many departments require laptops to be encrypted.  If you sync/download your data to a computer that was fully encrypted by a campus IT group your data is safe. 

NOTE:  If you download files to your home system, they then become only as secure as your home system.

Can I access UMVibe through Microsoft?

Yes.  There is an Office Add-In that adds Vibe to the ribbon bar in all Microsoft products, which then allows you to access UMVibe and the application-appropriate files (e.g., if you’re in Word, you’ll only be able to open Word documents).  To learn more about this, click on the Training & Resources link in the left panel of this page.  Once on the Training & Resources page, access either the UMVibe Video tutorial entitled "How to Install the Vibe Add-in for Microsoft Office." or the UMVibe UPK "Installing the Vibe Add-in for Microsoft Office."

Can I get to UMVibe from home or my mobile device?

Yes.  As UMVibe is web-based, you can access it from any computer as long as you have a UMVibe account.  It is also accessible via certain mobile devices.

What mobile devices are supported?

The following mobile devices support UMVibe:

  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • iPhone
  • Any other mobile device that provides an HTTP/HTML-based interface

What does the mobile device need in order to support UMVibe?

To use UMVibe from a mobile device, the browser on your device must support HTML 4 and JavaScript.

Where do I get the Mobile Application?

You will find it wherever you currently go to get applications.  There are many mobile applications with "Vibe" in the name so be certain you choose “Novell Vibe.”