Post-Event Documentation & Reimbursement

USGA Reimbursement Process

All post-event documentation for events must be submitted before reimbursement of funds occurs. After all paperwork is received and processed the USGA treasurer will notify the group representative that their reimbursement check is available for pickup.

Paperwork is due 14 days after the event, or the end of the semester, whichever is first. These are 14 consecutive days, not 14 business days.

Post-Event Documentation Items
  • Attendance sheet - Including student name and school affiliation
  • Copy of three advertisements that include the phrase "co-sponsored by USGA" - 2 Campus-Wide (Elm/Campus Life Weekly) and 1 other advertisement
  • Percentage breakdown of student attendees by school - For example: 7% Law, 33% Medicine, 20% Social Work, 20% Dental, 20% Nursing
  • Excel sheet documenting expenses
  • List of receipt totals - In order of receipts in document upload
  • Document with CLEARLY VISIBLE copies of each receipt to be reimbursed
  • Bank or credit card statement and/or copy of check with purchase and name of account owner visible on statement/check - This is necessary for each purchase. Please black out other information on statement or at least highlight the appropriate purchases.