Stressbusters - Spring 2022

Stressbusters is a nationwide college health program that helps students rediscover relaxation. At UMB, we are committed to spreading awareness about stress and anxiety, creating supportive programming, and providing resources designed to help students in academic success. You've been go-go-going and we want you to take a breather. Sooth the stress away with a variety of simple and creative ways to feel relief during finals season.

Spring 2022 Stressbusters start Wednesday, April 20 and are co-sponsored by URecFit and Wellness and USGA.

Wednesday, April 20th 

  • UMB Student Pantry Pop Up Table-12-1 pm, SMC Campus Center Lobby: Please join the UMB Student Pantry and URecFit and Wellness for a pop up table! We will be giving away a food item, tea, a free travel mug and more. 

Thursday, April 21st

  • Supporting Mental Health, 12-1 pm, Via Zoom: Join us, as mental health advocate, Jessi Beyer teaches students how to support friends and family struggling with their mental health. Register Here

Friday, April 22nd

  • Earth Day Take a Paws, 11- 1 pm, SMC Campus Center Room 115: Please stop by and take a “Paws” (pause) with Pippin, Marcel, and Little Miss Maddy. Receive a free succulent plant give away, information about local parks, and make a pledge about what well-being and sustainability means to you!
  • Quick Breads Cooking Class with Baltimore Chef Shop, 2-5 pm, via zoom: In our quick breads class you will make chocolate chip and cranberry scones, and delicious mini coffee cakes.  Ingredient and Equipment ListRegister Here. 

Monday, April 25th

  • Seated Massage Therapy Sessions, SMC Campus Center Room 115:  Come take a break with URecFit and Wellness and USGA. Sign up for 10 minute
    seated massage therapy sessions with Laura Fagan, CMT . A sign up sheet will be posted on the door of Room 115 in the Campus Center at 10 am. First come first serve.
  • Sleep Education Table, SMC Campus Center Outside Room 115: Are you struggling to fall asleep or not getting enough quality sleep? Sleep is an importatn part of your health and well-being. Healthy sleep is integral for learning and retaining information, staying alert, mangaging stress, and making good decisions. Visit our sleep table and receive a free sleep kit along with health education about sleep hygiene, a positive sleep environment, and relaxation stratgies.