URecFit Anniversary Decathlon

URecFit Anniversary Decathlon

URecFit is hosting a semester long program that is celebrating our 10 year anniversary. We are giving out punch cards at the Pratt Gym Desk within URecFit that you will take around to each event that you participate in and have it punched at the event. The first 100 participants that complete the punch card will receive a giveaway. Punch cards can be found at the Pratt Gym Desk and they can be turned there as well. The cards can receive stickers or "punches" from any staff in each area. Please participate in the program and have our staff mark your card afterwards! 


Here are the House Rules:

  1. Place your name and email address on the space provided.
  2. Complete 10 of the listed activities during the Fall semester.
  3. Must complete at least 1 activity for each Module.
  4. Punch cards must be completed the day of the activity.
  5. Drop completed punch card to the Business Desk before December 6th, 2019.

List of Activities


  1. Swim 10 laps (250yds)
  2. Attend a Water Aerobics Class
  3. Attend the new Lap Swim Basics Exercise class
  4. Attend at least 1 Aquatic Group Exercise Class


  1. Participate in 1 of the Monthly 5K’s offered
  2. Attend at least 2 Group Exercise classes
  3. Attend 1 Weightlifting 101 class
  4. Attend a Cycling Class

Intramural Sports

  1. Walk or Run 10 laps around the track
  2. Participate in 1 Intramural Sport
  3. Participate in a Group Exercise class on the Pratt floor


  1. Have 10 check-ins at URecFit
  2. Follow URecFit on any Social Media platform
  3. Take a tour of the facility
  4. Sign up for the Wellness Hub eNewsletter


  1. Attend 2 Drop-in Meditation classes or a Yoga Nidra session
  2. Attend 1 event during Healthy Selfie Week
  3. Attend 1 Stressbusters event