URecFit and Wellness Guidelines

Standards of Conduct

URecFit and Wellness COVID-19 Response Standards of Conduct (5.26.21)

The University of Maryland, Baltimore expects all individuals entering our building(s) to acknowledge and uphold UMB guidelines and policies as well as adhere to all health and safety practices.  The health and safety of employees and patrons/participants are shared responsibilities. As such, we expect everyone who enters URecFit and Wellness facilities to:

  • Stay home or go home if you feel ill or present any COVID-19 related symptoms.
  • Make a facility access reservation via the URecFit mobile app or URecFit Live online portal if you want to access the facility.
  • Not access the facility or enter the 4th floor via the elevator until the start of your facility access time. You will be requested to leave the facility and return at your reserved access time.
  • Check in using touchless scanning with your OneCard/ID or URecFit mobile app barcode and wait for staff acknowledgement before entering.
  • Leave personal belongings at home or the office. Updated 6/14/21:  all daily lockers are accessible.  Please practice physical distancing.  Daily lockers may only be used during facility access time.
  • Come dressed to work out and bring your own towels and water bottle.
  • Comply with UMB’s face mask/covering policy. Exceptions: in the shower or in the pool, when open.
  • Wash or clean your hands often according to CDC recommendations.
  • Wipe down equipment before and after each use and notify staff if supplies are low or empty.
  • Observe physical distancing, avoid physical contact (i.e., high fives, handshakes, etc.), and do not congregate.
  • Respect and follow safety procedures, guidelines, directional signage, and instructions from staff.
  • Consider pre-planning your workout routine to maximize your workout time. Only one piece of equipment at a time (i.e., no circuits or “super setting”) will be allowed so that machines can be easily cleaned after each use.
  • Do not move equipment and stay within the blue lines of workout areas where designated.
  • Keep all weights and weighted equipment off wood courts.
  • Work out alone. Working out with a partner or in groups is prohibited at this time.
  • Monitor and moderate your intensity level while exercising. Update 6/14/21: Spotting is allowed by members, however, URecFit and Wellness staff may decline if they are not comfortable spotting.  Wearing a mask while working out will have an impact on previous exercise duration and intensity.  Listen to your body, adjust accordingly, and don’t overdo it.
  • Inform a staff member if you witness anyone not following these guidelines or you feel unsafe at any time.
  • Leave the facility prior to the end of the reservation time. All individuals should leave the locker room and fitness areas by the end of your reservation time. 
  • Provide your feedback on your experience in the facility by emailing URecFit & Wellness or to request a virtual meeting if you wish to speak with a staff member.

The above standards will be updated as UMB policies and requirements are changed due to conditions associated with COVID-19.  Failure to adhere with the above standards of conduct, University policies, and/or instructions from URecFit and Wellness may result in immediate removal from the facility and suspension or loss of facility privileges. Students who fail to comply may be referred to their School and employees to Human Resource Services.

It will take all of us to have a safe, clean and enjoyable experience in URecFit & Wellness.  Please take responsibility for your own safety and minimize the risk of transmission of COVID-19.  Help protect UMB by taking the UMB COVID-19 pledge.


A liability waiver is required prior to entry into URecFit. The forms can be signed via our online URecFit Live portal or via our URecFit mobile AppThe form will prompt upon login to our online URecFit Live portal and if using the mobile App just select "waiver" at the top left.

Facility Access Reservations

A facility access reservation is required to enter URecFit and Wellness. Facility access reservations can be made via our URecFit Live Mobile App or our online URecFit Live portal 48 hours in advance. Time slots are 90 minutes. At the end of the reservation, patrons will be asked to leave so the staff can prepare the facility for the next reservation period. 

Touchless Entry

We encourage all facility users to bring their One Card for quick and easy access into URecFit and Wellness. Use the barcode located on the back of your One Card and scan using the card reader located on the check-in desk. We also strongly encourage all students and members to download the URecFit Live Mobile App. The App has a barcode feature unique to each member of URecFit and Wellness. The barcode can be used to check-in to URecFit and Wellness. 

Face Masks/Coverings

Face masks/coverings are required at all times (except in showers and in pool) while visiting URecFit and Wellness facilities, including while exercising.    

Please consider the following recommendations prior to engaging in physical activity while wearing a face covering: 

  • Ensure your face mask/covering is comfortable and secure prior to engaging in physical activity. Avoid touching your face and limit touching/adjusting your face mask/covering during physical activity as much as possible.  
  • Carry a second face mask/covering with you and replace face masks/coverings when they become damp/wet while engaging in physical activity. 
  • Try to utilize a face mask/covering with two layers that is made from breathable, synthetic materials as they can help lessen moisture buildup compared to surgical, paper, or cotton fabric face coverings and those with more than two layers. 
  • STOP physical activity or take a break if breathing becomes difficult. Aim to perform higher intensity exercises outdoors or in areas with greater physical distancing opportunities.  
  • If you have existing heart or lung conditions, decrease the intensity of your typical physical activity and stop immediately if breathing becomes difficult or you feel dizzy, lightheaded, or sick.  
  • After physical activity, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Once in a safe and proper setting to do so, remove your face mask/covering by only touching the back or straps and avoid touching your face.  
  • Wash your face mask/covering after each use if it is reusable cloth or discard single use face coverings. 

Physical Distancing

  • You will be asked to keep 6ft of distance between yourself and others 
  • Floor markings and directional signage help you navigate the building and maintain safe physical distance in our spaces 
  • Posted capacity limits meet or exceed standards established by public health officials  
  • Layout changes maximize the amount of equipment available while maintaining safe physical distance 
  • Protective shields have been installed in fitness areas, check-in, and desk locations 
  • Facility reservation system manages capacity and helps maintain physical distancing in all our spaces 


  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been strategically dispersed throughout URecFit and Wellness. Please make use of hand sanitizer when entering the facility and throughout your visit 
  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds.  
  • Cover coughs and sneeze with a tissue or inside your elbow. 

Limited Amenities

The following amenities are limited or unavailable during the first phase of reopening. We encourage members to come dressed, bring their own towel and water bottle. 

  • Daily lockers are available- you must bring your own lock
  • No towel service
  • No sauna
  • Bottle fillers are available - please do not drink directly from a water fountain
  • No pool
  • No in person classes or personal training