Membership Information


Facility access during Phase 3 will be open to all eligible members with the exception of sponsored members and guests.


All paid members will have the option to request a refund or have their membership extended for the days cancelled due to the COVID-19 closure. If you wish to have your membership extended please email URecFit and Wellness. 

Payroll Deduction

All payroll deduction payments stopped on March 14th, 2020 after URecFit & Wellness's closure. If you would like to restart your payroll deduction membership and/or long term locker without having to stop at the business desk you should complete our online payroll deduction renewal request form. The form may take up to 72 hours to be reviewed and verified.

Once verified, your membership and/or locker we will be restored and deductions will begin in the next full pay period.

Prior to your first visit back to URecFit & Wellness remember to LOG IN (not SIGN UP) to our Online Portal to sign the waiver. Please email us with any questions.


UMB alumni who graduated will have a complimentary membership for one year from time of graduation. Those effected by the COVID-19 closure will be eligible for a prorated membership when re-opening occurs. 

Guests and Sponsored Members

Guests and sponsored members are not permitted access during the first phase, 2nd or 3rd phase.


Tours of URecFit and Wellness are only open to UMB faculty and staff, affiliate members and UMB alumni. If you have a special request please email us at