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Triathlon ideas 

The weather is starting to become nice again and it is time to get back outside.  It is never to early to start your training for a Triathlon.  If you are not interested in the real thing here are some other options you can try.

Here are some ideas for each leg of the Triathlon:

Swimming - Working on breath control is an important component of swimming

1. Blow Bubbles for 10 minutes

2. Using a straw race your friends and family by blowing a ping pong ball across the room.

3. Practice kicking in the bathtub for 10 minutes

Biking -

1. Simply go on a family bike ride

2. Pull someone in a wagon

3. Have wheelbarrow races

Running -

1. Walk, Skip, Jump, Hop, doesn't matter how you do it just have fun

2. Create lines for markers and do a different activity to each marker

3. Time yourself when walking or running from your house to campus or your favorite hangout spot.