Student Opportunities

1. Service Learning Hours -

Are you looking for an opportunity to gain service learning hours and help address an underrepresented health issue in this country? According to the American Red Cross drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional death in children between 1-14 behind motor vehicle and it ranks fifth for people of all ages in the United States (CDC, 2016).  Believe it or not more people in this world do not know how to swim then do.  American Red Cross calculated that 64% of African-American, 45% of Hispanic/Latino, and 40% of Caucasian children are unlikely to have the necessary swimming skills needed to survive.  Unfortunately, since Covid-19 these statistics are going to go up since lessons are not occurring.  This cohort will be looking to advance the mission of water safety within the West Baltimore community and possibly even on a grander scale and we are looking for those students that can bring creativity, ambition, and knowledge. 




2. Virtual Triathlon -

Join our URecFit Virtual Triathlon Strava Club to track distance, pace, and elevation gain for many different activities. The app is free and can track activities like running, cycling, and swimming. You do not need to be a URecFit member to participate in these runs or to activate a Strava Account

We will be running a Month long Virtual Family Triathlon from home or in your neighborhood! Use the Strava app to track your workout and post it to your account to keep track of overall activity. Feel free to post fun photos, but please do not post a photo of your map.  Have fun and you can also challenge your collegues.  

Since we cannot have a typical Tri this is a way to get in your workout, spend time with your family, and learn new strategies to help with future workouts.

Here are some ideas for each leg of the Triathlon:

Swimming - Working on breath control is an important component of swimming

1. Blow Bubbles for 10 minutes

2. Using a straw race your friends and family by blowing a ping pong ball across the room.

3. Practice kicking in the bathtub for 10 minutes

Biking -

1. Simple go on a family bike ride

2. Pull someone in a wagon

3. Have wheelbarrow races

 Running -

1. Walk, Skip, Jump, Hop, doesn't matter how you do it just have fun

2. Create lines for markers and do a different activity to each marker

Here is the link to our Virtual Family Triathlon club on Strava:

To get started, follow this link to learn how to sync your fitness devices and your mobile app: