Chanelle Hutchinsons Reflection

Dear UMBrella Group,

Attending the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) was truly eye-opening. As I stepped foot onto the College Park campus for the first time, I did not know what to expect. I was immediately greeted by a young undergrad student who simply wanted to be my friend. Her energy echo across the conference filled with over 800 ambitious women who aspired for greatness. For the next four days, we would all be together learning to think like leaders, be change makers for gender equity, and own our personal identities. Our schedules were filled with workshops and panel sessions focused on a variety of professional development, empowerment objectives, and women’s issues. My favorite topics were salary negotiation and self-care. NCCWSL also invited inspirational women from different fields to speak to us about their life, struggles, and success. I was more than excited to actually meet Lauren Simmons, in the flesh!

As the end of the conference drew closer, I realized how much I had learned and experienced. Along with meeting students, faculty, and other professionals, I also formed a close bond with a small group of women whom I shared so much of my time and thoughts. Saying good-bye to them turned into a bitter-sweet moment. We attended workshops together, explored DC, and hung out at our dormitory sharing what we individually learned and who we met. We shared our life stories and dreams. NCCWSL is one for the history books, as I will look back on this time in the future remembering each step of how I (will) accomplish my goals for change in society.

Thank you, 

Chanelle Hutchinson