UMBrella Coaching

The UMBrella Group empowers women at UMB to achieve their potential. Try our new coaching program and get help reaching your professional and personal goals.

About the Program

The UMBrella Coaching program is a partnership with Human Resource Services. We operate in small groups led by members of the UMBrella Group Advisory Board. Each month, coaching groups meet for a 60-minute topical discussion.

What Should Participants Expect?

You will participate in a rich program complete with supportive coaches and activities designed to enrich the coaching experience.

Monthly Topics

  1. Group forming
  2. Self-discovery
  3. Communication skills
  4. Handling workplace conflict
  5. Collaboration and teamwork
  6. Leadership development

Program Benefits

  • Develop a coaching relationship with a member of the UMBrella Group Advisory Board
  • Discuss professional challenges and opportunities with a trusted, confidential cohort of peers
  • Engage in a development program that focuses on the skills necessary for personal and professional success
  • Expand your professional network through UMBrella Coaching Program connections


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