UMBF Award

BSN Class of '66, Frenkil Lauded for Contributions

The University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation, Inc. (UMBF) annually honors outstanding volunteers with its Distinguished Service Award. This year’s recipients for their substantial contributions to enhancing and sustaining the University’s fundraising performance are the School of Nursing’s BSN Class of ’66 in the team category and Carolyn Frenkil, a member of the School of Medicine (SOM) Board of Visitors, for individual excellence.

The UMBF Distinguished Service Award seeks to enhance the connections between the foundation and the community it serves, while encouraging philanthropic volunteerism. Both winners excel in these regards. 

Frenkil is a decades-long philanthropist to the School of Medicine and the Medical Alumni Association. Anyone who has spent time with Frenkil quickly recognizes that her passion for the University runs deep, and she continues to be among its most ardent supporters.

It all started in the early 1990s when Frenkil and her late husband, James Frenkil, MD ’37, transitioned one of their office buildings on Eutaw Street into a SOM building that now houses a number of clinical practices. More recently, Frenkil helped fund the school’s Executive Health Program, the Frenkil-Passen Historical Scholar in Residence, a pharmacogenomics course, and collaborative research efforts in the School’s Program on Aging, Trauma, and Emergency Care.

Brian DeFilippis, MS, associate dean for development at SOM, wrote in his nomination, “Every institution should have champions in the mold of Carolyn Frenkil. She is selfless, visionary, tenacious, and passionate. She embodies everything that we strive to find in a volunteer and donor.”

The honorees from the School of Nursing (SON) also are standouts. As the 45th anniversary was approaching for the BSN Class of ’66, Rosemary Noble, the class’s leader, collaborated with the Office of Development around a lofty goal. Along with classmates Claire Greenhouse, Geri Mendelson, and Susan Wilson, her class wanted to endow a scholarship, originally hoping to reach the minimum required $25,000.

By the end of their 45th anniversary year, the class members raised the $25,000 necessary to endow a scholarship, the first class at the SON to do so.

It soon became evident that the class could possibly reach a $50,000 goal by their 50th reunion in 2016. Helped by the creation of the UMBF’s Scholarship Matching Program, the class was determined to raise an additional $10,000 for its endowment.

Noble, Greenhouse, Mendelson, and Wilson brought her class together again in 2014 to write letters, send emails, and make phone calls to alums all over the country asking for support. Their enthusiasm paid off. By the end of 2014, the BSN Class of ’66 had raised an additional $10,850 in gifts and pledges, securing the UMBF match. 

It’s a giving group in other ways. When a class member recently was diagnosed with cancer, classmates marked each of her treatments with gifts in her honor to the endowment, supporting their fellow alum and the school.

Stacey Conrad, MBA, senior associate director of development, and Cynthia Sikorski, BA, senior associate director of alumni relations at SON, wrote in their nomination, “The Class of ’66, led by Rosemary, have become true fundraising leaders for UMSON. Through their truly thoughtful philanthropy, they have laid the groundwork for a tradition of giving — not only individually, but also collectively for a common cause.”