UMB Civility Campaign

  • Let’s take the pledge and choose civility!

  • “I'm a firm believer in the golden rule. ... It’s important to be respectful and kind to one other regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, politics, etc. It's especially important in a diverse professional setting where we come together despite our differences to accomplish a shared goal.”

    — Kristy Novak, School of Nursing, Staff Senate President

  • “Civility is showing respect, kindness, and tolerance in our interactions with others. It’s about creating a safe place for difficult conversations using diplomacy and tact.”

    — Norma Hunter, Administration & Finance

  • “Above all, showing respect, being nice, and observing professional boundaries.”

    — Elihu McKee, Office of Philanthropy

  • “Remember to keep everyone in the loop, even if it takes an extra email, phone call, or text.”

    — Patricia Fanning, Office of Communications & Public Affairs

  • “Responding rather than reacting, which requires pausing and considering what you will say next. Civility is also about allowing others to have opinions and habits different from yours and respecting the difference.”

    — April Wright, Health Sciences and Human Services Library

  • “To me, civility means not only treating others the way you would want to be treated but also as THEY would want to be treated.”

    — Stacie Mendoza, School of Medicine

  • “To listen, to have empathy, to problem-solve without anger, to have patience.”

    — JuliAna Brammer, School of Pharmacy

Let’s take the Pledge and choose Civility

Let’s start the conversation. Send us your thoughts and examples of what Civility means to you. By sharing, we can commit to civility through awareness and participation, so let’s take the pledge and choose Civility.

Take the Pledge and choose Civility

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