External Communication Plan for SPAC

Shared Services Team/Team Red and Team White

Kevin Cooke – Director  kcooke@umaryland.edu

Award Setup Issues

Review your set up email from SPAC, reply to the SPAC team email who sent the setup if the setup appears to be incorrect.

If you do not receive a response on your request for Clinical Trial (Volume Based) and Federal setups, please contact:

Shared Services Senior Manager:  Krista Salsberg ksalsberg@umaryland.edu

If you do not receive a response on Non-Federal, Non-Clinical Trial setups, please follow up with your appropriate team Manager:

Team Red Manager - Deborah Alleyne dalleyne@umaryland.edu

Team White Manager (Acting) – Krissy Long klong@umaryland.edu

Billing Issues

Shared Services Sr. Manager:  Krista Salsberg ksalsberg@umaryland.edu

VA and DOD – Team Green spacteamgreen@umaryland.edu

Clinical Trial (Volume Based) – Team Blue spacteamblue@umaryland.edu

Federal Contracts - Team Black spacteamcontract@umaryland.edu

Team Red Manager (Other than above) - Deborah Alleyne dalleyne@umaryland.edu

Team White Manager (Other than above) (Acting) – Krissy Long klong@umaryland.edu

Central Team and Cost Team

Director: Michelle Ward michelle.ward@umaryland.edu

Central Team

Manager:  Lilly Liu yu.liu@umaryland.edu

Audits yu.liu@umaryland.edu

Letter of Credit Questions Ajesh.singh@umaryland.edu

Relinquishments: spacrelinqushing@umaryland.edu

Sponsored Accounts Receivable: Spacsponsored_ar@umaryland.edu

Sponsored Collections: spaccollections@umaryland.edu

Vendor Form Requests: Spacsponsored_ar@umaryland.edu

Cost Team

Sr. Manager: Beryl Gwan bgwan@umaryland.edu

Online Direct Retro technical submission questions: help@umaryland.edu

Effort (DR and BR) content questions for online DR form, please contact:  effort@umaryland.edu 

F&A Questions effort@umaryland.edu

Fringe Questions effort@umaryland.edu

Service Centers effort@umaryland.edu

Other General effort@umaryland.edu

Other General Questions:

Distribution Lists - Contact your Department IT Manager

Quantum Issues:  help@umaryland.edu

RAC - Go to RAC List Serv https://lists.umaryland.edu/sympa/info/rac

Subrecipient Monitoring or A133 Requests:  Nathan Hollaway nhollaway@umaryland.edu

Subrecipient Questionnaires:  (see Link)

Vendor (Banking) Verification Forms: Spacsponsored_ar@umaryland.edu