Curriculum Procedures

Information for Registrants


Registration in advance is required. You may register any time (as space permits) for all sessions or for individual sessions. Classes may be attended in any order, but we recommend that those who are new to sponsored programs administration start with Session 1. Registration Form

Notifications and Attendance

SPA will send you an email reminder prior to each session. You must sign in for each class. We expect that you will attend class if you are on the roster. We also recognize that you may need to miss a class occasionally. We appreciate advance notification in these cases. Please contact Janet Simons to update contact information or to make arrangements for missed classes.

Completion Certificates

In order to earn a Completion Certificate, you must attend each of the 12 sessions. To earn a Completion Certificate, you may not send a substitute nor is it sufficient to simply receive the handouts. A sign-in sheet documents attendance. All sessions should be attended within two years.

Missed sessions

If you do not attend a session, you will forfeit the fee unless you (1) notify SPA in advance and arrange to attend the next available session, or (2) attend a make-up session. Contact Janet Simons with questions about attendance.

Each session is offered twice a year. Tuesday morning sessions begin in January and continue through December. Thursday afternoon sessions begin in September and continue through June.

SPA reserves the right to require re-registration and payment of the fee if more than two years have passed without attendance by a registrant at any sessions.


You may send a substitute to a session but attendance by the substitute will not count toward the Completion Certificate. Attendance by a substitute means that the original registrant may not make up the session in a future year.