FDP Clearinghouse Pilot

Date: Sept. 20, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

UMB is taking part in a national pilot program as part of the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP). The goal is to develop one single web-based repository for all FDP entities (154 institutions and potentially others) of all entity-related information about our organizations. The central repository will help to streamline the process for obtaining and reviewing all necessary subrecipient entity information and reduce subrecipient monitoring and risk assessment activities in a timely and streamlined fashion without requiring time and resources to send and collect various forms to obtain this information. We hope this one-stop shop will allow us to comply with the Uniform Guidance Subrecipient Monitoring requirements and reduce administrative burden.

What this pilot means to your departments:
1. If UMB is going to be a subawardee to one of the other FDP Clearinghouse Pilot participating institutions‌, this institution should ONLY be requesting specific information about the project that represents UMB’s scope of work. Any other general information about UMB should be obtained from the Clearinghouse site.

2. If UMB is proposing to issue a subaward to one of the Pilot institutions, the FDP Pilot Subrecipient Commitment Form should be used during the routing of UMB’s proposal.

Additional information regarding UMB’s participation, including sample “push back” language to use for any Pilot Institutions asking for organizational information unnecessarily, can be found in the Forms section of ORD/SPA’s website.

Please share this information with your schools and departmental business officers who assist in proposal preparation.

Please direct any questions you may have to your Sponsored Programs Administration team.