Working Abroad

Guidance and policies for UMB expatriates

In some cases, job responsibilities entail extended time abroad, and relocating to another country may be in order. Work with your department administrator and Human Resources as you prepare for and carry out your overseas assignment.

Policies and Forms

University of Maryland School of Medicine Policy and Guidelines on Allowances and Benefits for Expatriates

Addendum A (Expatriate Policy) — International Assignment Letter for Faculty or Exempt Staff

Addendum B (Expatriate Policy) — Allowances and Benefits Checklist and Worksheet for Faculty and Exempt Staff Relocating for International Assignments as Expatriates

Addendum C (Expatriate Policy) — International Assignment Warning and Release of Liability

Addendum D (Expatriate Policy) — Business Process for Housing and Educational Allowances Advances

Allowance Advance Recovery Form

Vaccination and immunization resources

UMSOM Travel Medicine Practice

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Travelers' Health

UMM Traveler's guide to avoiding infectious diseases

Other resources

IRS Tax Treaty Overview

U.S. Expatriate Tax Information — This site is provided for information only and is not endorsed by UMB.