MOUs for International Initiatives

International collaborations represent an outstanding opportunity for UMB faculty, staff, and students to grow and learn through contact with international colleagues. A collaboration may be recognized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

An international Memorandum of Understanding is a broad statement of cooperation by which UMB and a non-U.S. organization express an interest in establishing a relationship that may result in future collaborative activities such as student and faculty exchanges, joint conferences, and/or research projects. This statement of intent is often used at signing ceremonies to acknowledge the beginning of a new relationship. The MOU also may serve as the first step in developing a future detailed, binding agreement.

Submit an MOU request form to Janet Simons in the Office of Research and Development (ORD) to request a new MOU or to amend, extend, or otherwise change an existing MOU.

Individual faculty and staff do not have the authority to sign an MOU on behalf of UMB. MOUs will be signed by the President or authorized designee. Other agreements such as teaming agreements, research agreements, and subawards, are executed by an ORD official.

Routing and Approval of Unfunded Agreements