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Action Alerts (Admissions Decisions Applied to Wrong Applications)

It has come to our attention that several admissions decisions from a school/program have been inadvertently attached to the application for a different school/program on the SAADCRV form.

As you will all recall, the upgrade to Banner 7.0 was accompanied by a change in the campus use of Value Based Security (VBS). VBS is now applied to Academic History (grades) only. This change means that all admissions records can be seen and modified by anyone who has maintenance access to Admissions. We have had a few instances in which the person entering an admissions decision was not used to the new access and did not pay close enough attention to which application they were adding a decision to.

When you are entering admissions decisions on SAADCRV, please pay close attention to the scroll bar on the right-hand side of the Application Summary block making sure that the program you are adding a decision to is the one that belongs to you.