Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with SIMS

  • How do I become a SIMS User?
    • Your School/Office management and/or your SIMS Strategic Committee Representative
  • Where do I get the Request for SIMS User ID Form?
  • How do I get on the SIMS Mailing List for Action Alerts, etc.?
    • Once a User Account is established, the user is added to the SIMS Production Users distribution list and will receive all SIMS user communications or contact SIMS Support.

Getting Trained with SIMS

  • How do I learn how to run SIMS "canned reports"?
  • How do I learn how to write ad-hoc or custom reports?
    • Your School/Office management and/or your SIMS Strategic Committee member.
  • Training Support is delivered in the following ways:
    • Introductory SIMS Training
    • Targeted, hands-on training (and lab time) on specific topics
    • User Groups
    • User Surveys for needs analysis
    • Publication of SIMS User Guide — all modules
    • Publication of timely Action Alerts and Tips and Tricks
    • Quick Reference Guides (which briefly summarize procedures and processes)
    • Reporting assistance
    • SIMS web page oversight
    • Dedicated, vendor-supplied training (e.g., Crystal Reports Training)

Getting Help with SIMS

  • I get an error message about JInitiator. What do I do?
    • Contact your local LAN Manager or Desktop Support person.
  • I need a SIMS printer defined for my office.
  • Your LAN Manager is unable to fix the technical problem that you are having.
  • I forgot my SIMS password.
  • I received a SIMS error message that I don’t know how to resolve.
  • I am unable to open a form I think I should be able to open.
  • I am unable to access data I think I should be able to see.
  • I need help with admissions, registration, or other student forms.
  • I need help on letter generation.
  • I need help on International Student Data Entry.
  • I have a question related to Student Accounting.
    • Jordan Nixon, 6-2929
  • I have a question related to Financial Aid.
  • My canned reports aren’t working.
    • Determine whether it is a report written “in-house” or by the CITS staff.  If “in-house,” consult your help/support at your school/office. If it is a CITS report, email SIMS Technical Support.
  • How do I use SIMS Job Submission?

Requesting/Creating SIMS Reports

  • I need access to "canned” and ad-hoc reporting.
  • How do I learn how to run SIMS "canned" reports?
  • Do I have to have Crystal Reports in order to view "canned" reports?
    • No. You DO need to install Crystal Run Time. Contact Deno Tufares for instructions. You also can take the results of "canned" reports and export them to Excel for further analysis.
    • Email SIMS Technical Support
  • How do I learn how to perform SIMS job submission?
  • How do I request a new report from the CITS?
    • The CITS staff provides ad-hoc reporting support via the SIMS Task Request Form.  Schools/Offices fill this form out and submit it.
    • Complete the SIMS Task Request Form.

SIMS Enhancements and New Functionality

  • Who do I discuss potential enhancements and new functionality?
  • How do I formally request new functionality in SIMS?
  • How do I formally request functional modifications and/or enhancements to SIMS?
  • How do I find out how upgrades, new releases, and patches to SIMS will affect me?
    • CITS staff and Training will keep you informed, via email, Action Alerts, etc.