Task Request Procedures

Procedures for submitting a SIMS Task Request and tracking it to completion:

SIMS Task Request forms will be prepared by SIMS users and submitted to the SIMS Applications Manager in CITS. A new form should be completed for each request for enhancement, maintenance, or error reporting. Any questions on completing the SIMS Task Request should be referred to the SIMS Applications Manager.

  1. The requestor completes the Requestor Information section as noted. Be sure to include a detailed description of the request and attach any supporting documentation, such as reports, and other examples.
  2. The SIMS Applications Manager completes the SIMS Applications Manager Use ONLY section.
  3. The CITS Information Systems Engineer (ISE) assigned to the task notifies the SIMS Applications Manager when it is ready for testing.
  4. The SIMS Applications Manager contacts the requestor for testing.
  5. Once the task has been completed, the CITS Applications Manager will obtain task approvals as indicated and file the completed form in the completed SIMS Task Request binder.

Please send this completed document to the SIMS Applications Manager.

SIMS Task Request Form