FAQs and Resources

What is PROEM?

PROEM stands for Patient-Centered Research for Outcomes, Effectiveness, and Measurement. It is one of five Centers of Excellence in Comparative Effectiveness and Patient-Centered Outcomes Research training funded by the PhRMA Foundation. Established in 2014, the center is designed to expand and improve training in CER and PCOR

When is the Summer Institute?

The CER-PCOR Summer Institute will be held on Aug. 10-14, 2015 at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.

How do I apply to the PhD program with a concentration in CER-PCOR?

To apply, you must submit a complete application including an essay that describes your academic goals and research interests, as well as your interest in CER-PCOR. For more detailed information, please visit the PhD in Pharmaceutical Health Services Research.

Can I take CER-PCOR courses in the PhD program but have a different concentration?

Yes, you do not have to have a concentration in CER-PCOR to take courses in CER-PCOR.

What are the requirements and deadlines for applying to the PhD program?

The deadline to apply to the PhD program is Dec. 1. Additional information about requirements can be found at PhD in Pharmaceutical Health Services Research.

I am interested in mentoring students and becoming an experiential site location. What do I do?

Please contact Dr. Eleanor Perfetto for more information on becoming an experiential site location for students.

What is the purpose of the internal and external advisory boards?

The purpose of the PROEM Internal and External Advisory Committees are to provide advice and guidance on the context and offerings of the various PROEM programs. The Internal Advisory Committee provides guidance from a Universitywide collaboration perspective, while the External Advisory Committee provides guidance from a broader context with a view toward currency and wide range of decision-maker needs.

How long will the PROEM Center of Excellence remain at UMB?

The PROEM Center of Excellence will remain at the University for a minimum of three years with additional time conditional to future funding.