PROEM Center of Excellence

The Patient-Centered Research for Outcomes, Effectiveness, and Measurement (PROEM) Center of Excellence in Comparative Effectiveness and Patient-Centered Outcomes Research training is designed to expand and improve training in CER and PCOR methods.

Established in 2014, the center focuses on patient-centeredness, characterized as patient engagement, as the first step in any CER activity. PROEM is one of five centers funded by the PhRMA Foundation, expanding graduate and training programs across the nation.

UMB has a national reputation as a leader in CER-PCOR and interdisciplinary collaborations. The formation of the PROEM Center expands on our current capabilities and allows UMB to more fully and formally integrate our strengths of the CER-PCOR expertise and interdisciplinary, collaborative research into our graduate and training programs.

Under the leadership of Eleanor Perfetto, PhD, professor at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, the PROEM Center collaborates with various organizations on- and off-campus to provide high-quality CER-PCOR training to researchers.

The PROEM Center of Excellence uses two approaches to enhance training programs in CER and PCOR research. The MS/PhD degree concentration in CER-PCOR at the School of Pharmacy includes experiential learning at training sites including but not limited to government and nongovernment agencies, the pharmaceutical industry, patient advocacy organizations, trade organizations, and insurers. The curriculum is taught by full-time faculty members from the schools of pharmacy, medicine, nursing, and law. In addition, health care professionals, researchers, and students can participate in CER-PCOR-specific interdisciplinary online and in-person continuing education programs, including the CER-PCOR Summer Institute.

The PROEM Center of Excellence is supported by an interdisciplinary team from six professional schools and five research centers across UMB as well as a range of committed external partners from government, nonprofit, professional, trade, and private organizations. It builds upon our strengths in CER-PCOR, graduate and continuing education, community outreach, and collaborative partnerships. For more information about the center, please contact us or download this informative fact sheet.

Eleanor M. Perfetto, PhD, MS
Director, PROEM Center of Excellence
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
220 Arch St., 12th Floor | Baltimore, MD 21201