Watch the University of Maryland PATIENTS Program video!

Patient-Centered Involvement in Evaluating the Effectiveness of Treatments (PATIENTS) empowers patients to propose questions about their health care concerns and actively participate in studies to answer them.

Unlike many other research programs, PATIENTS encourages patients to get involved in every aspect of its studies. Researchers are committed to working with communities to address real-world problems and meet the needs of the patients they serve. They remain involved with the community even after the research has been completed.

The program is led by C. Daniel Mullins, PhD, chair of the Pharmaceutical Health Services Research Department. Researchers from the University of Maryland partner with hospitals and patient communities to improve health care research by:

  • Building partnerships with local, regional, and national patient communities and health care systems.
  • Conducting and expanding patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) to help patients make better decisions and improve how doctors and nurses provide care.
  • Putting new programs in place for hospitals, doctors, nurses, and patients based on research findings.