The CER-PCOR Work Group has established partnerships with programs and entities actively engaged in comparative effectiveness and patient-centered outcomes research.

Our partners focus on different areas including, but not limited to, advancing CER/PCOR training and education as well as providing infrastructure for patient engagement.


Patient-Centered Involvement in Evaluating the Effectiveness of Treatments (PATIENTS) empowers patients to propose questions about their health care concerns and actively participate in studies to answer them. Unlike many other research programs, PATIENTS encourages patients to get involved in every aspect of its studies.

University of Maryland, College Park

The University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP) School of Public Health is one of the leading public research universities offering a breadth of expertise to explore public health issues, including obesity, aging, substance abuse, and health disparities, through public health and other disciplines.

PROEM External Partners and Experiential Work Sites

As a requirement of the PhD program, CER-PCOR students will complete experiential training at one of the experiential worksites, representing patient advocacy and professional associations, industry, and federal and local government agencies.

CIPS Program

The Center for Innovative Pharmacy Solutions (CIPS) is a national resource center and leader in the development of novel patient care and business solutions to health problems. CIPS responds to needs in the policy environment with strategic action and generates health care models with improved patient outcomes and cost savings.