Inter-Institutional Enrollment

Inter-Institutional Enrollment is a program that allows qualifying graduate students at the University System of Maryland (USM) institutions to take selected courses at other USM institutions (listed below), while paying tuition at their home school.
This program gives students the opportunity to augment their degree programs at the University of Maryland Baltimore (home institution). Students are register for courses at both their home and host institution and are billed only by their home institution.

USM Institutions:

Bowie State University

Coppin State College

Frostburg State University

Salisbury State University

Towson University

University of Baltimore

University of Maryland at Baltimore

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

University of Maryland, College Park

University of Maryland Eastern Shore

University of Maryland Global Campus





  • Registration for courses through the Inter-Institutional Enrollment program is on a space available basis.
  • Visiting students are expected to meet prerequisites or other criteria set by the host institutions.
  • Tuition and fees are paid at the home institution.
  • Students are responsible for paying the additional fees associated with certain courses (e.g., studio fees, lab fees, books, study materials, etc.).
  • Students are responsible for special permits, parking, and other fees at the host institution.
  • Students must comply with the host institution’s registration periods and deadlines.
  • Continuing education courses cannot be taken through the Inter-Institutional registration program.

Graduate Students

  • Students must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program.
  • Students must have the approval of their Graduate Program Director for the course to count as resident credit.

 Here is policy information on concurrent Inter-Institutional registration for Graduate Students.


University of Maryland Baltimore students visiting other University of Maryland System universities:

  1. Read all policies and restrictions of the Inter-Institutional registration program. Students are responsible to abide by the policies and restrictions of the program.
  2. Contact the department(s) offering the course(s) at the institution you plan to take the course(s) to determine if special permission is needed. If so, you will need to obtain written permission. This can be in an email (umaryland domain) or on department letterhead.
  3. Download the Application for Inter-Institutional Registration.
  4. Complete the form and obtain the required approvals and signatures. [NOTE: In the "Registration Information" section, the course information requested refers to the class(es) you wish to take at the host institution. Please view the Schedule of Classes of the host institution for this information.] ALL Graduate students must obtain approval from the Graduate Program Director.
  5. Return the completed application to the University of Maryland Baltimore Inter-Institutional Registration Coordinator at 601 W. Lombard Street, Suite 240 for verification and approval. A copy of the application will be provided for your records.
  6. The University of Maryland Baltimore Inter-Institutional Registration Coordinator will process the registration and register the student in ‘placeholder courses’ at the University of Maryland Baltimore to reflect the number of credits you wish to take at the host institution. This is for billing and enrollment purposes only and does NOT guarantee course availability at the other institution. Registration will be according to the host’s institutional policies and deadlines.
  7. If the course is cancelled, or if you want to change or drop the course, or if you are unable to get approval to enroll, contact the Graduate Program Director at the University of Maryland Baltimore immediately. You must NOT drop the course through Registration (Drop/Add) in SURFS. The Graduate Program Director will notify the host institution and make the appropriate changes. Failure to notify the Graduate Program Director could result in failing grades assigned to your record.
  8. At the end of the semester, grades for Inter-Institutional course(s) are sent to the University of Maryland Baltimore, Office of the Registrar by the visited institutions in the form of an official transcript. The Office of the Registrar at the University of Maryland Baltimore will post the grade(s) to your academic record. Grades are uploaded to the student’s record and converted into the University of Maryland Baltimore grading system. The grade(s) are calculated into the cumulative grade point average.


    Students from other University of Maryland System universities visiting University of Maryland Baltimore

    • Contact the Inter-Institutional Registration Coordinator at your home institution to complete required paperwork and obtain valuable information on inter-institutional registration procedures.
    • For courses that require permission or approval. This information is indicated on the individual course listings in the Schedule of Classes. Students must contact the instructor and department for permission.
    • Visiting students are registered on or before the first day of classes and will be notified by email confirming the registration.
    • If the course is cancelled, or if you want to change or drop/withdraw the course, you must contact the Inter-Institutional Registration Coordinator of your home institution and the Graduate Program Director at the University of Maryland Baltimore immediately. Failure to contact the coordinators at both institutions could result in a failing grade assigned to your permanent record.


Application for Inter-Institutional Registration

University of Maryland Baltimore
Office of the Registrar
601 W. Lombard Street - Suite 240
Phone: (410)- 706-7480


*Undergraduate students contact your school/program for more information on Inter-Institutional Enrollment at UMB.