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Golden ID Program

Consistent with University System of Maryland (“USM”) VIII - 2.30 Policy on Waiver of Tuition and Granting of Other Privileges for Senior Citizens of the State of Maryland, it is the Policy of the University of Maryland Baltimore (“UMB”) to waive tuition, where practicable, for undergraduate or post-baccalaureate courses, for persons who are: (a) residents of the State of Maryland, (b) sixty years of age or older, (c) retired, (d) whose chief income is derived from retirement benefits, and (e) who are not employed full-time, in accordance with the provisions of this Policy (“Qualified Senior Citizen”). 

  1. To request a tuition waiver under this Policy as a Qualified Senior Citizen an individual must complete an application for classification for in-state status and provide supporting documentation to demonstrate that the individual meets all of the Requirements stated in Part I of the policy and procedure.
  2. The individual must also complete the UMB Golden ID Application and submit all required documentation.
  3. The UMB Registrar will determine if the individual meets the initial requirements. The determination of the Registrar is final. UMB will make its own determination and is not required to accept a determination made by any other constituent institution of USM.
  4. If the Registrar determines that the individual is eligible for waiver under Part I of this Policy, the individual and school/program will be notified of the students’ eligibility as a Qualified Senior Citizen.

For more information about the policy and procedure requirements, see UMB Policy on Waiver of Tuition and Granting of Other Privileges for Senior Citizens of the State of Maryland.

Loan Deferments

To process loan deferment requests, please send us the appropriate form provided by your financial institution.

Office of the Registrar
University of Maryland, Baltimore
601 W. Lombard St., Suite 240
Baltimore, MD 21201

Phone: 410-706-7480
Fax: 410-706-4053

Fee: No charge

Processing time: 3-5 business days

Request to Change Citizenship Information

Change Citizenship Status

Processing time: 2 business days

Note: Students present the completed form along with the original documents in-person. The original documents will be returned to the student after copies are made.

UMB Policy on Preferred Name

 UMB Policy on Preferred Name


To request to use a Preferred Name, please visit UMB Preferred Name Administration


For additional information, please see the frequently asked questions section





Preferred Name FAQ

How do I set a preferred name?

Students: Preferred name can be set by filling out the name administration form below.

To request a preferred name for the online directory for employees, please visit UMB Preferred Name Administration


Can I use my preferred name for everything in the university?

Preferred name will only be used in cases where the use of your legal name is not absolutely necessary. Examples of where your legal name/s are necessary due to state or federal requirements  include, but are not limited to, financial aid documents, payroll, official transcripts, and federal immigration documents. In some cases, if you indicate a preferred name, it may be necessary to clarify that your preferred name is different than your legal name. Examples of this include, but are not limited to, official interactions with campus police, law enforcement, and verification of medical records. In these situations, please be prepared to validate and provide identifiers for our legal record data. One of the best suggestions is to start an interaction involving one of the situations noted above is to provide your student or employee ID number and state that you have both a preferred name and legal name in our system and provide one or both in your discussion while working with that university employee.


Who has access to my legal and preferred name?

Following the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), staff with an administrative need (e.g., police, health and financial services; deans’ office staff) will see both legal and preferred names.  Similar to GPA’s and other sensitive information, these staff are trained on the implications of this access. 

When will my preferred name appear in campus systems?

Typically, preferred name requests will be processed within 1-3 business days of submission. Once processed, the preferred name will appear in campus systems in 3 business days.


How many times can I change my preferred name?

Changing your preferred name more than once can lead to confusion regarding your identity, challenges in customer service, and/or the interruption of your ability to access some university systems.

May I change my preferred name to whatever I want?

When possible, your preferred name should only include alphabetical characters (A-Z and a-z), a space, or hyphen (-).  Using other symbols may prevent your name from appearing as you prefer in campus software.  It is a violation of the UMB Preferred Name Policy to indicate a preferred name for the purposes of misrepresentation or fraud.  Once entered, a user’s preferred name may take up to 3 business days  to reach affected systems.  New preferred names are reviewed  and approved by the university office of the registrar.

What happens if someone requests an inappropriate name?

Any preferred name that may be deemed to be an attempt at misrepresentation, fraud, or interpreted as offensive will be denied by the university office of the registrar.  The student will receive an email indicating the denial.  Students who are denied can contact the office of the registrar via email: to discuss the denial.

How do I delete my preferred name?

If you have entered a preferred name and later decide that you would prefer to use your legal name everywhere on campus, simply contact the university office of the registrar.

Why am I not allowed to use a preferred last name?

To ensure that instructor and other staff are able to appropriately identify you for class attendance, grading, and other university purposes, your primary/legal last name will always appear in conjunction with a preferred first and/or middle name.  Last name changes can only be changed through a legal name change.

I have more questions about my preferred name/ and or the Preferred Name Policy, who can I contact?

Contact the university office of the registrar – (410) – 706-7480 –


How do I correct or change my legal name at the university?

Legal name changes are handled by the university office of the registrar.  Request to Change Personal Information  and supply two forms of documentation that reference your new name.  Example documentation are your driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, and court or other legal documents.  


How does the preferred name policy affect F1 and J1 students?

Preferred name is for use within the university community.  International students may feel free to select a preferred name for on-campus use.  However, this does not apply in situations where one’s legal name is required to be used.  For the purpose of F-1 or J-1 student visa status, the legal name must be used on an 1-20 and DS-2019.  An individual’s legal name is what appears in the passport.

How will university mail be affected?

University mail will use your name from the directory.  The directory will use your preferred name.


Places where the legal name (and not a preferred name) will be used?

  • Student Accounts
  • TouchNet Bill +Payment
  • Financial Aid
  • Enrollment verifications (unless you have chosen FERPA Exclusion)
  • Official UMB Transcript
  • Human Resources and Student Employment Documents
  • Immigration and Visa-Related Documentation
  • Required State and Federal Data Submissions
  • Commencement Program
  • University ID


How do I update my UMB email address?

If you have completed the Preferred Name change form and it has been approved by the university registrar, the change will occur within 24 hours, if submitted Monday-Friday during normal business hours


Can I have my preferred name printed on my university ID?

Yes. You can have your preferred name printed on the One Card ID. There is no cost for a preferred name or name change in exchange to your old ID. For assistance contact the One Card Office at or call 410-706-6943 to schedule an appointment.


Request to Change Personal Information

Change Personal Information Form

Processing time: 2 business days

Note: All listed documentation must be submitted along with your request before it can be processed.  The signed and completed request can be submitted in-person, by mail, or by email.

Request an Enrollment/Degree Verification

If you are a current student or graduated Spring 2015 (May 2015) and after, log in to SURFS to submit your request.

If you are a former UMB student or graduated Fall 2014 (December 2014) and beforeClick here to request an Enrollment/Degree Verification

Fee: No charge for current and former students

Processing time: 5-7 business days; due to COVID-19 and our modified operations, verifications will be processed and mailed on Mondays.

Note:  Requests about current or former UMB students from a third-party must be submitted via the National Student Clearinghouse. Enrollment verifications are sent via U.S. Mail. The Office of the Registrar also offers same day in-person request and pick up during regular business hours.

The students who received a degree on 05/20/2021.  Degrees will be posted on 05/29/2021. Verifier may submit NSCH requests after that date.

Request an Official Transcript

If you are a current student or graduated Spring 2015 (May 2015) and after, log in to SURFS to submit your request.

If you are a former UMB student or graduated Fall 2014 (December 2014) and beforeClick here to request an Official Transcript

Fee: No charge

Processing time: 5-7 business days; due to COVID-19 and our modified operations, transcripts will be processed and mailed on Mondays.

Note: Official transcripts are sent in hard-copy via U.S. Mail. Expedited mailing is not available. The Office of the Registrar also offers same day in-person transcript request and pick up during regular business hours.  Valid identification is necessary to claim your transcript in person.

The students who received a degree on 05/20/2021.  Degrees will be posted on 05/29/2021. Transcripts marked "Hold for Degree" will be processed the second week of June.

Request for Reissued Diploma/Certificate

Alumni who have been awarded a degree or certificate from the University of Maryland, Baltimore may use this form to request a reissued diploma or certificate. A reissued diploma or certificate will reflect your original name, degree/certificate, and conferral date; however, the style and size of the document and the signatures of University officers will reflect the current standards in place at the time your request is fulfilled. A request for a change of name on the diploma/certificate will only be honored if legal documentation is provided. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for more information about the legal documentation that is required for name changes.

Fee: A fee of $55 is charged for each reissued diploma (14-inch width by 11-inch height); a fee of $45 is charged for each reissued certificate (11-inch width by 8.5-inch height).

Processing time: 8-12 weeks

Request for Reissued Diploma/Certificate

We accept major credit cards, checks, and money orders. Please make check or money order payable to the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and mail to the following address with the completed form:

Office of the Registrar
University of Maryland, Baltimore
601 W. Lombard St., Suite 240
Baltimore, MD 21201

We are able to process credit cards in person. Cash may only be accepted in person (please do not send cash). If you would like to use a credit card, please visit our office. Requests will only be processed once the form and payment are received.