What's Next?

The Change Management team will share information broadly as the project progresses. To ensure that all departments are aware of the coming changes, the team is engaging more users from across campus. Watch for more information here and in the Elm Weekly email. If you are interested in participating, please contact the Change Management team.

Conference Room Pilots (CRPs)

Each phase of development ends with a Conference Room Pilot. The CRP is a series of demonstrations and test scenarios that show the core team, subject matter experts, and consulting partners how the decisions made during that phase play out in each module and across the application. During the session, the group identifies any areas that require additional research or modification. In addition, the group identifies any potential gaps that remain. After the session, functional teams work together to research and create a resolution for the gap. At least four CRPs are planned for the Quantum project. The first CRP was completed in October 2017 and the second CRP was completed in April 2018. Another CRP is planned for September 2018, and the final CRP will take place a few months before Go-Live.

Planning for Change

Two change-related groups have been established. The Change Management team established the Quantum Financials Advisory Council in late 2017. The council acts as a resource to the project team, providing advice as needed and support across campus and at all levels of management. The group meets on a monthly basis. Change Champions, the second change-related group, was established in February 2018. Change Champions prepare their schools/departments/units for change as the campus moves to Quantum Financials, including such changes as those related to business processes and policies and the transition from the old eUMB to the new Quantum chart of accounts.