Fiscal Year 2018

  1. Project Design: July - October 2017

    During this phase, the project plan is developed, familiarization workshops are held, and strategies for the implementation process are adopted. Basic system functionality is displayed by the consultants so the team can start preparing for configuration decisions to be made.

    Conference Room Pilot 1 (CRP 1) is a series of demonstration meetings held near the end of this phase, which plays back preliminary functionality decisions for the project team and subject matter experts (SMEs).

  2. Configure: October 2017 - March 2019

    During this phase, configuration decisions are made by the project team with the assistance of the consultants. The team starts to work in the system as it is being developed and begins testing processes to ensure intended results of transactions. SMEs are engaged throughout this phase to work with the team leads to test and validate configuration decisions.

    CRP 2 & CRP 3 are series of meetings held during this phase where the team leads work first with their consultants and then with their SMEs to further refine functionality decisions and begin validating final design and configuration decisions. The team leads drive the system functionality during these meetings, with assistance from their consultants.

  3. Validate: October 2017 - March 2019

    This phase takes place in conjunction with configuration, with final validation resulting in movement to the transition phase. CRP 3 should be conducted near the end of this phase.

Fiscal Year 2019

  1. Transition: March 2019 - May 2019

    This phase includes migrating final configuration, integrations and extensions, and loading data to the production state. Validations and verifications are performed throughout this phase to get to operational readiness and begin production. This phase includes user acceptance testing and leads up to Go-Live.

  2. Realization: May 2019 - ongoing

    This phase begins right before Go-Live and continues after.  It includes managing transitions to get to steady state operations and ensuring post Go-Live support is available to users.

  3. Go-Live May 2019 -- Update on Quantum System Go Live Date