Overview of Quantum Financials

The Quantum Financials Project is developing a replacement for UMB’s financial system (including reporting) known as eUMB Financials and RAVEN.

Goals and objectives of the project are to:

  • Implement a modern, cloud-based finance solution
  • Increase the efficiency of UMB financial processes through automation and configurable workflow
  • Increase the access to and ability to use financial data to understand and make business decisions
  • Reduce UMB stakeholder reliance on supplementary systems to support their reporting, budgeting, and financial forecasting needs
  • Reduce the effort and costs associated with maintaining the financial system’s physical infrastructure, security, and system maintenance
  • Reduce the effort, cost, and time to apply patches and upgrades that deliver new functionality
  • Adopt a flexible technology platform with a high degree of usability
  • Adopt a technology that provides users with the flexibility to access the system and accomplish work tasks via mobile platforms