Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is composed of senior level administrators and faculty who will provide advice and input to the project team on policy changes, timing, staffing implications, and other impacts of the new system and business processes.

The Advisory Council will be a resource to the project team to help support the project across the campus at all levels of management. 

Advisory Council Members

Scott Bitner Associate Vice President for Budget and Finance, Quantum Financials Executive Sponsor and Advisory Council Chair
Bill Cooper Senior Associate Dean for Administration and Finance and Chief Operating Officer, School of Pharmacy
Michele Evans Director of Management Advisory Services, Quantum Financials Change Management Lead
Neal Gallico Director of Finance for the Institute for Innovation and Implementation, School of Social Work and Research Administrators Committee Chair
Bill Gardiner Associate Dean for Administration and Finance, School of Dentistry & School of Nursing
David George Chief of Staff, School of Dentistry
Matt Lasecki Associate Vice President for Human Resource Services
Flavius Lilly Vice Dean and Vice Provost for Academic and Student Affairs, Graduate School
Jay Magaziner Department Chairman, School of Medicine, Department of Epidemiology & Public Health
Andreas Ortmeyer Controller, Carey School of Law
Louisa Peartree Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Resource Management, School of Medicine
Ron Powell Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance, School of Medicine
Jim Reynolds Assistant Vice President for Fiscal and Administrative Affairs, Office of Academic Affairs
Peter Rock Department Chairman, School of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology
Gene Severance Associate Dean for Administration, School of Social Work
Peter Swaan Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education, School of Pharmacy