Chart of Accounts

Quantum Chart of Accounts Changes

The development of the chart of accounts that will support Quantum Financials, Analytics, and Planning & Budgeting is a significant decision that has received much thought and discussion.

Since Oracle has a different underlying structure than PeopleSoft, the chart of accounts (COA) used in eUMB must be changed.  Instead of setting up chartfields to create eUMB chartstrings, we are setting up segments to create Quantum Account Combos.  But in addition to that, changes being made to the COA will enable more robust reporting within Quantum Analytics and Quantum Planning & Budgeting.

To take advantage of expanded reporting and planning & budgeting options, schools and departments were consulted to come up with potential uses of the segments, as well as potential reporting dashboard needs.  Based on those discussions, the Quantum team settled on the following order and length of segments as the COA for non-sponsored sources of funds:



Definitions of the segments are presented here:

Segment Definitions

Source Definitions

Function Definitions

(These documents are subject to change during the development period)


The Quantum Organization and Object Hierarchies are available for you to run as needed under Reports from the Quantum Financials homepage. Look for the QFN190 ORG Hierarchy and QFN191 OBJECT Hierarchy reports. The new hierarchy reports allow users to choose how to run them using the Parent level prompts. To obtain the entire hierarchy, no changes to the prompts are necessary. To limit the results to a specific hierarchy group, complete the prompts starting with the highest Parent level, moving to lower levels from left to right.


Mapping eUMB Chartstrings to Quantum Accounts

The Quantum team developed a crosswalk tool to assist Schools and Departments with mapping eUMB chartstrings to Quantum accounts.  On November 2, 2018, the tool was made available to a group of about 60 individuals who were identified as being responsible for completing the mapping. To be able to capture the changes and meet upcoming project conversion and testing deadlines, as well as planned go-live, responses were requested by December 14, 2018.

Mapping Frequently Asked Questions

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