The BETA Team

UMB established the BETA Team to coordinate activities in response to reports of threatening, aggressive, or violent behavior. The BETA Team consists of appointed, standing representatives from various UMB offices and is chaired by a representative of the UMB Police Force.

Responsibilities of the BETA Team include:

  • Assess reports of threatening, aggressive, and violent behavior and develop a strategy and plan.
  • Act as a resource and liaison for UMB community members who report threatening, aggressive, and violent behavior and for school/department administrators.
  • Make recommendations to appropriate deans and University vice presidents, and/or their designees.
  • Coordinate BETA Team efforts with action under relevant UMB policies.
  • Regularly review strategies and plans, as necessary, for ongoing incidents.
  • Keep records of reports and actions to assess risk and to evaluate UMB response to threatening, aggressive, and violent behavior.

Team Members

In addition to notifying University police, members of the UMB community may contact and consult with BETA Team members if they are a victim of, have knowledge of, or observe warning signs of threatening, aggressive, or violent behavior.

Alice Cary Chief of Police, Public Safety 410-706-7032
Roger Ward Chief Accountability Officer, Vice President, Academic Affairs 410-706-1850
Wanda Binns Manager, Employee Assistance Program 410-328-5861
James Baronas Assistant Professor, School of Medicine 410-328-8792
Jamaica Cosby Assistant Director, Employee and Labor Relations 410-706-7302
Marianne Han Staff Attorney, Office of University Counsel 410-706-5353
Emilia Petrillo Director, Student Counseling Center 410-328-8404