Abatement and Demolition, On-Call All Sayeh, Putu 410-706-0861
Accounting Services All Felder, Quintina 410-706-7015
Advertising >50K Ralay, Hanta 410-706-2094
Advertising <50K Bak, CJ 410-706-2514
Animals and Animal Care           All Vacant 410-706-8305
Appliances  Scientific Vacant 410-706-8305
Architect/Engineer All  Blair, Christina 410-706-4728
Architect/Engineer All  Sanford, Billye 410-706-7197
Athletic Equipment >50K Ralay, Hanta 410-706-2094
Athletic Equipment <50K Bak, CJ 410-706-2514
Audio Visual Equipment        >50K        Ralay, Hanta 410-706-2094       
Audio Visual Equipment        <50K        Bak, CJ 410-706-2514
Auxiliary Services        All        Felder, Quintina 410-706-7015
Biosafety Cabinets        All        Burgess, Kristal 410-706-0772       
Blinds        All        Bak, CJ 410-706-2514
Bookbinding        All        Felder, Quintina 410-706-7015
Bottled Water, Eq. and Water        All        Ralay, Hanta 410-706-2094
Carpeting All Gordon, Wesley 410-706-2427
Casework        Lab        Moser, Barbara 410-706-7013      
Catering Services All Jones, Valerie 410-706-5060
Chemicals        All        Burgess, Kristal 410-706-0772
Communications, Equip. and Service All        Ralay, Hanta 410-706-2094
Computer Eq./Service        >100K        Burgess, Kristal 410-706-0772
Computer Eq./Service        <100K        Kelly, Sharde 410-706-7079       
Conference Services        All Jones, Valerie 410-706-5060
Construction Contracts All Sanford, Billye 410-706-7197
Construction Contract Closeout All Sanford, Billye 410-706-3675
Construction Management Services < $15M Lacey, Michael 410-706-1558
Construction Management Services > $15M Lacey, Michael 410-706-1558
Construction Services All            Sanford, Billye           410-706-7197
Construction Services < $5M Sanford, Billye 410-706-8307
Consulting Services All Felder, Quintina 410-706-7015
Courier Service        >50K        Ralay, Hanta   410-706-2094       
Courier Service        <50K        Bak, CJ 410-706-2514
Dental Equipment        >100K        Burgess, Kristal 410-706-0772
Dental Equipment        <100K        Hitch, Joshua 410-706-3191       
Dental Instruments and Supplies        All        Hitch, Joshua 410-706-3191
Design Services, On-Call All        Blair, Christina 410-706-4728
DNA/Genomic/PCR and Related Equip. All        Burgess, Kristal 410-706-0772       
Drapes All        Ralay, Hanta 410-706-2094
Electrical Contractors, Minor On-Call All Sayeh, Putu 410-706-0861
Facilities Mgmt. Services All Gordon, Wesley 410-706-2427
Food Service All Jones, Valerie 410-706-5060
Furniture, Office, and Library        All        Ralay, Hanta      410-706-2094       
Gases, Lab        All        Burgess, Kristal 410-706-0772
GC Contractors, Minor On-Call All Sayeh, Putu 410-706-0861
General Contracting, On-Call All Sayeh, Putu 410-706-0861
Hazardous and Radioactive Waste        All        Gaston, Candyce 410-706-6818      
Hotel Reservations All Jones, Valerie 410-706-5060
Insurance        All        Felder, Quintina 410-706-7015
Interior Design Services        All        Ralay, Hanta 410-706-2094
Janitorial Supplies        All        Ralay, Hanta 410-706-2094
Lab Coats        All        Vacant 410-706-8305       
Laundry Services        Dry cleaning        Ralay, Hanta 410-706-2094
Leases — Real Estate        All        Felder, Quintina 410-706-7015
Library Services        >100K        Felder, Quintina 410-706-7015
Library Services        <100K        Jones, Valerie 410-706-5060
Maintenance Building Equipment        All        Gordon, Wesley 410-706-2427
Maintenance Facilities        All Gordon, Wesley 410-706-2427
Mechanical (HVAC) Contractors, On-Call All Sayeh, Putu 410-706-0861
Medical Equipment and Supplies        All        Gaston, Candyce 410-706-6818
Medical Services        All        Gaston, Candyce 410-706-6818
Memberships        All        Jones, Valerie 410-706-5060
Microscopes, Electron        All        Burgess, Kristal 410-706-0772
Microscopes and Supplies        All Others        Burgess, Kristal 410-706-0772
Moving Services All Ralay, Hanta 410-706-2094
Office Equipment and Supplies >50K        Ralay, Hanta 410-706-2094       
Office Equipment and Supplies        <50K        Bak, CJ 410-706-2514
On-Call Abatement and Demolition All Sayeh, Putu 410-706-0861
On-Call Design Servies All        Blair, Christina 410-706-4728
On-Call General Contracting All        Sayeh, Putu 410-706-0861
On-Call Mechanical (HVAC) Contractors All Sayeh, Putu 410-706-0861
On-Call Minor Electrical Contractors All Sayeh, Putu 410-706-0861
On-Call Minor GC Contractors All Sayeh, Putu 410-706-0861
Printing Services        All        Felder, Quintina 410-706-7015
Real Property All        Felder, Quintina 410-706-7015
Reprints        All        Felder, Quintina 410-706-7015
Safety Equipment        All        Burgess, Kristal 410-706-0772       
Scanners All Kelly, Sharde 410-706-7079      
Scientific Equip. and Supplies All Gaston, Candyce 410-706-6818
Scientific Equip. and Supplies        All        Burgess, Kristal 410-706-0772       
Scientific Equip.  and Supplies        All        Vacant 410-706-8305       
Scientific Systems — VWR/Fisher        All        Gaston, Candyce 410-706-6818     
Security Equip./Service        >100K        Burgess, Kristal 410-706-0772
Security Equip./Service        <100K        Kelly, Sharde 410-706-7079       
Special Events Management        All       Jones, Valerie 410-706-5060
Telephone/Pagers >50K Ralay, Hanta 410-706-2094
Telephones/Pagers        <50K        Bak, CJ 410-706-2514
Temporary Help, Clerical and Medical        All        Ralay, Hanta 410-706-2094       
Temporary Help, Fac. Mgmt.       All        Ralay, Hanta 410-706-2094       
Testing (Educational) Standardized All        Felder, Quintina 410-706-7015
Transportation Services Bus, motorcoach Kelly, Sharde 410-706-7079
Travel Management        All        Jones, Valerie 410-706-5060
Uniform Rental — Fac. Mgmt. All Gordon, Wesley 410-706-2427
Uniform Rental — Dental        Lab coats        Ralay, Hanta      410-706-2094       
Utility Bills        All        Gordon, Wesley 410-706-2427   
Vehicle Repairs and Supplies        All        Kelly, Sharde 410-706-7079      
Vehicles        Cars, trucks, etc. Kelly, Sharde 410-706-7079