Asset Disposal System

The University of Maryland Baltimore has an agreement with HITECH to dispose of assets on campus.  If your school and/or department has assets that need to be removed because they are damaged, missing parts, no longer needed, etc. please contact the representatives selected for your school and/or department to submit the item(s). For a list of authorized users at UMB, please refer to:

Authorized users can submit items individually by completing an asset removal form or in bulk by uploading excel spreadsheets with multiple items.  Sample spreadsheets and instructions on how to upload items are provided in the system.  Once items have been submitted, the warehouse will review the items and make sure they match the information provided.  If any items are rejected by the warehouse, the original person that submitted them will be notified so they can correct/re-submit if needed.  Approved items will be sent to HITECH for processing and/or disposal.   

If you have any additional questions about using the Asset Removal & Tracking System, please email Melvin Tuck or call him at 410-706-6619 for more information.

X-99.08(A) UMB Policy on Disposal of Media Containing Data 

UMB Procedure for Disposal of Media Containing Sensitive Data